Perfect 10 Weddings

Friday, April 2, 2010

Your trust, our promise... :) - Part 3

            As we promised our first two batches of couples, we aim for nothing less than a perfect 10 wedding for each of you... :)

J and R, as we said, we are here to help you make Mt. Carmel and Oasis more than perfect for your special day.

M and L, as we go with you from SSA to New World, we hope to give you nothing less than the most seamless wedding possible.

A and F, we'll help you have a great wedding as you walk down the aisle of Manila Cathedral and treat your guests to a sumptuous lunch in Century Park Hotel.

J and C, just as we saw the sparkle in your eyes, we'll help you make Light of Love brim with the sparkle of your love.

S and C, we'll go the extra mile for you, not only because we're going to Tagaytay for your wedding, but because we are moved by your graciousness.

N and A, St. Francis and Fernwood will not look like their usual selves during your wedding -- they'll be resplendent with your theme and your positive aura. :)


  1. Thank you Ms. Darlene and the whole P10W team!
    P10W with perfect 10 planning and coordinating and communicating and helping and caring and acknowledging and preparing and budgetting and creating and making us feel good as the list goes on and on. =)
    God bless!

  2. Thank you, Len and Chino... :) We really appreciate your comment... :) God bless... :)