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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Preventing Your Wedding from Turning into a Series of Unfortunate Events

People take time to plan their wedding details because they want things to come out the way they envisioned. But guess what, plans don’t always happen the way they should. Then things can quickly escalate and make your wedding A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS. 

How do you prevent that from happening? 

1) remove your mindset that the coordinator you will hire is a helper — someone who will make your plans happen. Because you don’t need a helper, you need someone who thinks quickly! This person should analyze your plans and tell you what’s wrong with them based on his or her experiences. This person should know how to troubleshoot as quickly as possible. 

2) put together a team of suppliers who will care enough to speak up and suggest when things are going wrong — this one you can ensure by researching about their good work and if they have already worked with each other. 

We are Filipinos. We like to say “dapat ganito, dapat ganyan” on social media, but we rarely confront or speak up when things are going wrong for fear of being branded as “epal”. Stick na lang sa job description para walang blame later on. But if we all know each other in the team, it will be easier to air out suggestions and help because there is less fear of rejection or judgement. 

3) talk to your entourage and your parents — they should not be the first individuals who would cause problems in the timeline because they don’t want to wake up on time for make up, dress up when needed, or listen to instructions. When you have such attitude among your family and friends, you bet things will not happen as planned unless you have a coordinator who knows how to speak firmly but politely. 

Let’s prevent your wedding from turning into a series of unfortunate events. Have a free consult with me (either as coordinator or emcee) — message via :)  

Monday, July 5, 2021

Questions to Ask Prospects/Possible Suppliers

Let’s make this short. I know you’re in a hurry to meet up with your prospect. Online platforms make meetings easier to schedule at everyone’s convenience. You’d like to book him or her right away, but you also want to make sure you won’t be scammed. 

Prior to the meeting: research about the supplier, check his or her online profile, gather independent feedback about him or her through groups like weddings at work or randomly message a bride or groom whose feedback is posted in the supplier’s site 

During the meeting: 

1. Ask the supplier for 3 words he or she can use to describe himself or herself. These will give you insight into what he or she values. This will also help you see if you can relate to each other. 

2. Ask the supplier about what makes his or her package unique. This will show you the motivation behind the creation of the package. Is it purely money? Did the supplier just copy someone else’s package? 

3. Ask the supplier about cancellation and date movement policies, also out of town or transport fees. Most likely it’s a no refund of reservation fee policy but asking helps you gauge transparency and honesty. Will he or she beat around the bush and give a vague response so you will book? Will he or she be straightforward? 

4. Ask the supplier about what to expect after booking. This should be very clear to you so that you won’t wonder why the supplier didn’t message you anymore after making the sale. The supplier can also show you the timeline after booking. If the supplier gets tongue tied, he or she may not be sure of what to do after making the sale. 

5. Ask the supplier if you can read the contract before booking. This is important because you should know what you’re getting into. It should not be reservation fee first before contract signing. 

Bonus: ask the supplier about difficult wedding experiences and what he or she did to help or how he or she dealt with it. 

Now, you can set that meeting. You’re ready. 


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Note: this was an all-white wedding :) 

Note: attire request for emceeing was beige :)