Perfect 10 Weddings

Thursday, April 29, 2010

What does it take to create the perfect hairstyle?

I haven't written for some time... had to contend with a lot of things. I personally attend to all our couples' concerns; thus, I really take time to call each supplier, church, city hall, and the like. I find it amusing how some secretaries and AEs can be so accommodating and how others forget simple, basic courtesy. Haha!

We also had the formation week and awarding of the Ten Outstanding Students of NCR. I was there first day for the opening remarks and other activities, then I returned on the last day for the judging. I was also the emcee of the awarding ceremony. It's always a great experience to be with fellow TOSPs -- no one feels old, not even Ninong JCJ, the parents, and the other school administrators. Looking forward to the national formation and awarding. It will be great to go to Malacanang again to witness an awarding ceremony. :)

Ok... back to the topic... hair. My mom always told me (before she passed on) that my hair is my crowning glory; therefore, I should take time to at least comb it before getting inside the car. Haha! I always have difficulty getting my hair to stay in place. Maybe I'm just weird like that... :)

I really am amazed when I meet good stylists and see them at work. Imagine how much more amazement I felt when I encountered my wedding stylist -- not only was my hair fixed nicely, it also stayed in place the whole day without giving me a headache.

We started with rollers/curlers, styling aids, twisting, pinning, and the placing of all the hair accessories I brought. Then, he had to remove all of them, and transform the up-do into a down-do (or whatever it's called) -- under 10 minutes. I loved how he was able to do all these without once pulling my hair or making me feel like I'm losing my scalp.

What does it take to create a perfect hairstyle? Well, you have to get someone as good as Edwin... his hands are just magical. With him, "no pain, no gain" is a myth. Because there's no pain, but so much gain. After all, great hair = great pictures... :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

With many thanks... :)

Allow us to express our appreciation and deep gratitude to all the brides and grooms who invested much trust in us. We are truly overwhelmed to have all of you as our clients and friends, and we thank God that He brought you our way.

We look forward not only to your big day but to the days leading up to your special moment -- the planning, the sharing, and yes... maybe even the talks with some "difficult to reach secretaries and suppliers". Let's just say the latter adds spice to an otherwise boring day. (wink, wink)

Your Trust, Our Promise - Part 6 :)

Let us welcome more into the fold... :)

In January 2011, we will be in a beautiful church -- it's splendor matched by the difficulty of getting a booking, right, T & T? 

In June 2011, we'll see our favorite caterer, K by Cunanan, as we work with T & L in Mt. Carmel and Horan.

This June 2010, we have two more couples, B & A, who will go the distance (from their respective jobs) to San Sebastian and Light of Love, and H & I, who will also fly in, but will not need to do much driving as they move from Mt. Carmel to Oasis on their special day. :) 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Your Trust, Our Promise - Part 4 and 5 :)

Our family is continuously growing! Join us, as we welcome our newbies with open arms! :)

E and A, may your love bloom even more as you walk down the aisle in San Sebastian and celebrate with family and friends in Plaza Ibarra. 

J and S, thank you for you trust. We know SSJ and Shangri-la will be resplendent with the love you have for each other. 

C and L, Rizal's Day will hold more meaning for you this 2010 than all others... see you in COTH and Hill Creek. :) 

D and M, Xmas will surely not be the same as you excitedly celebrate it for the first time as a married couple, after your wedding in Tagaytay. :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Your trust, our promise... :) - Part 3

            As we promised our first two batches of couples, we aim for nothing less than a perfect 10 wedding for each of you... :)

J and R, as we said, we are here to help you make Mt. Carmel and Oasis more than perfect for your special day.

M and L, as we go with you from SSA to New World, we hope to give you nothing less than the most seamless wedding possible.

A and F, we'll help you have a great wedding as you walk down the aisle of Manila Cathedral and treat your guests to a sumptuous lunch in Century Park Hotel.

J and C, just as we saw the sparkle in your eyes, we'll help you make Light of Love brim with the sparkle of your love.

S and C, we'll go the extra mile for you, not only because we're going to Tagaytay for your wedding, but because we are moved by your graciousness.

N and A, St. Francis and Fernwood will not look like their usual selves during your wedding -- they'll be resplendent with your theme and your positive aura. :)