Perfect 10 Weddings

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

To the core... :)

                People ask why I do a lot of stuff for events, even if I'm just emceeing and not coordinating. I guess it's because I joined the wedding industry with the goal to be of assistance to couples who are really at a loss about what should be done. After all, first time lang naman nila magpakasal at dumaan din ako sa phase na yun ng preps. Whatever I know, I share early on, and if the bits of info help lessen stress on the day, all the better for the bride and groom, and perhaps, even their other suppliers. :) 

                 Thank you, Jenny, for this really sweet note. It touched the core of my being and validated my presence in the industry. :) 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

For Adults Only

A lot of weddings often have kids running around -- much to the chagrin of the brides, grooms, and the children's parents. One sure fire way to bring them bounding to the dance area is to have the bride and groom dance with bubbles floating about -- kids are kids, and they can't resist bubbles. Having bubbles floating out of a machine is too irresistible.

Another sure fire way to bring kids to the programme area is to have a cake with attractive trimmings or a really nice topper. We once had a kid who cried for a good 10 to 15 minutes because he wanted the topper. Of course, we couldn't give him the toy-looking topper till after the cake cutting ceremony.

Other kids just like being part of the action so they will join while the couple is dancing or they will have their own shadow puppet play using the projector while we are showing the onsite photo slideshow or the same day edit. Some think the couple's couch would be nice to sit on or sleep on... :)

These and many others constitute couples' reasons for adding lines to their invites pertaining to the ceremony and reception as overall adult affairs. Some even remove the kiddie entourage altogether, just so they can ensure solemnity during the ceremony. (The dreaded crying baby during personal vows...)

Below is a suggested verse that lets people know you'd rather have adults only on your big day.

Those who can't prevent kids from coming to their big days should be prepared to just take things in stride. After all, kids are cute and usually, whatever they do, they remain cute. :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Day of Hearts

It's important for married couples to have a day to celebrate their love, their decision to get married, and their continued effort to stay together and love each other for better or for worse. Emman started and ended V-day with roses -- the first, a bouquet delivered to the house, and the second, a long-stemmed rose from Bellevue. 

The fact that Emman had it delivered to the house in BF says a lot to me -- it shows how selfless he is, that even on Valentine's, he does not demand that I focus on him alone. So yes, I had a chance to have lunch with my dad before he took me out to dinner (after work). As we sat in SumoSam  -- both of us wearing stripes even if we didn't talk about it -- I figured my dad must be missing my mom more than ever. I know I do. 

Emman arrived at 7 to pick me up and have dinner at Bellevue's poolside. He originally wanted the buffet, but there were no more slots when he called early on. I told him the poolside is better -- tables were far apart, we didn't have to contend with conversations of other people we'd rather not hear, and we had time to just sit and talk. With the hustle and bustle of each day, sometimes, it's difficult to have quiet time together. 

So I guess that's the reason why there's Valentine's Day every year.  

there must be a day dedicated to just appreciating each other as husband and wife.... 
there must be a day focused on communicating one's gratefulness over having that special someone... 
there must be a day when one can just bask in love and all its cheesiness. 


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thank you, Rejectkrew! :)

Because we at P10W felt a lot less stress going into each wedding with you and your team, this is for you, Elmer... :)

Actually, the placard should have stated, "I am a fan of Rejectkrew", not just because you've been in the business far longer or because you've gotten the number 1 spot in the w@w Top 10, but because you truly are talented and dedicated to your craft. This dedication has rubbed off on your team; thus, just like you, they don't sit during the programme and they keep their eyes peeled so that they can react to what happens on the floor.

Now that I'm just emceeing and I don't have my team with me anymore, I still feel confident when you guys are around -- no, not because you can imitate Ari & his "moves" -- but because I know you have my back. Thank you, Elmer. Thank you, Abet, Lougen, John-John, and the rest of Rejectkrew. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Alexis and Apple: A Love Story

They met, they fell in love, it didn't work out... but since they are truly meant to be together, they stayed  in touch and eventually walked down the aisle... :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Of readers and offerers...

                Members of the liturgical entourage -- readers and offerers -- aren't just people pulled in by coords because no one else will do the job. Often, brides and grooms seriously think of people who would best fit the roles.

  • Who reads and enunciates well? 
  • Who won't get scared while facing a crowd? 
  • Who can handle walking down the aisle during the offertory line? 
  • Who would be responsible enough to come on time and dress appropriately? 

                 Those are just some of the questions they ask while choosing their readers and offerers, that's why it's really sad when people who have been carefully chosen respond indifferently.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

You're a member of the entourage, now what?

             Some take being given a role in the entourage too lightly nowadays -- they don't even show up on time for the ceremony or they totally don't show up at all. Some arrive at the reception with a change of clothes and cause many a bride/groom to get annoyed that the group picture will have a stand out, other than those whose big day is being celebrated. Some spend the better part of the ceremony, pictorials, and reception smoking outside and/or using the photobooth. Some leave earlier than everyone -- yup, right after dinner. As entourage members you are automatically part of the couple's support group -- how are you expected to give them guidance or a shoulder to cry on if you're the first to bail on them on their big day? 

             If you can't commit to being part of the couple's support group, then just refuse the invitation to be a member of the entourage with much regret. They'd appreciate your honesty in the long run. At least, they didn't need to spend for a dress that won't be used, or a suit that won't be worn on their big day. They also didn't need to run after you for your fitting and measurement, because you decided to let them know early on that you can't commit. #honestyisstillthebestpolicy

Friday, February 1, 2013

It's one thing when...

                It's one thing when a couple prepares care packages or gives gifts after the programme, it's another level altogether when they take time to send the gifts after the big day. :) Thank you again, Rhean and Joel... :) It was such a well-thought-out programme... and I know Joel got surprised when you sang for him, Rhean. :)