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Friday, February 15, 2013

A Day of Hearts

It's important for married couples to have a day to celebrate their love, their decision to get married, and their continued effort to stay together and love each other for better or for worse. Emman started and ended V-day with roses -- the first, a bouquet delivered to the house, and the second, a long-stemmed rose from Bellevue. 

The fact that Emman had it delivered to the house in BF says a lot to me -- it shows how selfless he is, that even on Valentine's, he does not demand that I focus on him alone. So yes, I had a chance to have lunch with my dad before he took me out to dinner (after work). As we sat in SumoSam  -- both of us wearing stripes even if we didn't talk about it -- I figured my dad must be missing my mom more than ever. I know I do. 

Emman arrived at 7 to pick me up and have dinner at Bellevue's poolside. He originally wanted the buffet, but there were no more slots when he called early on. I told him the poolside is better -- tables were far apart, we didn't have to contend with conversations of other people we'd rather not hear, and we had time to just sit and talk. With the hustle and bustle of each day, sometimes, it's difficult to have quiet time together. 

So I guess that's the reason why there's Valentine's Day every year.  

there must be a day dedicated to just appreciating each other as husband and wife.... 
there must be a day focused on communicating one's gratefulness over having that special someone... 
there must be a day when one can just bask in love and all its cheesiness. 


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