Perfect 10 Weddings

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

And the winners are... :)

I asked my niece to pick 3 from among the entries received via That way, I won't be accused of bias :) 

The winners of the free wedding audit packages are (in the order in which she opened unfolded the sheets):

A) Belle
B) Maria
C) Joan Michelle

Surnames, dates, and venues have not been indicated to protect the privacy of the winners. 

Ladies, congratulations! Please expect the workbooks in your email inboxes tonight :) 

Friday, August 23, 2013

By Request: Extended Promo Duration

Somebody asked me yesterday if The Wedding Audit will focus on the wedding budget. Haha! Don't worry, that's not the focus of the audit. 

Your Wedding Auditor won't ask you to divulge how much you spent. Audit here refers to what Webster defines as "a methodical examination and review". What will be examined and reviewed? All your wedding plans! (Ok, the Auditor will also fill in what's missing... :) 

Give your Wedding Auditor the chance to scrutinize everything you have so that... 
- glitches can be prevented on your big day
- missing items can be provided NOT when you're already scrambling to get to church
- you will look relaxed, not harassed, when you walk down the aisle. 

Why can't you undertake the audit yourself? Well, it's your first time to get married, right? Let someone with more experience see your plans and you will also exclaim, "Ay! Marami pa palang kulang!"(Mind you, this is not in terms of booking more suppliers.) 

Because I received requests yesterday to lengthen the duration of the promo... :) 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Free! Free! Free!

Most of my current and former brides know that I gingerly stepped into the world of weddings in 2010 because I had some disappointments about the way my own wedding details were handled.  I thought maybe I could help brides come out unscathed by offering my services as a wedding coordinator. There were a lot who gambled on our new team, and I believe we were able to work really hard for each wedding that's why we got voted into the Weddings at Work Top 10 Suppliers of 2010.

In 2012 though, I had to take a hiatus since my family needed more of my time; hence, I had to remove the first word from the title, "Coordinator and Emcee". Now that I am technically not coordinating anymore, "just emceeing", I still hear myself delving into the plans of my couples -- telling them of the pros and cons of what they want to do, as well as dispensing pieces of advice and words of caution when they ask me questions about all things wedding-related.

To this day, couples have been asking me about when I would be returning to coordination. Since I can't give a final date yet, but I really want to be of assistance to those who are at their wit's end, I figured, I might as well offer this new service. Do check out the flyer below. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Woot! Woot! An Out-of-the-Box Experience for Guests :)

How did I become part of their list of suppliers? 
When Thea Ocana called me about this couple, we were less than a month away from their wedding date. However, the couple wanted something unique and they were unfazed by the days we had left to prepare. Thank you, Thea, for assuring them we could pull it off. :)

My suggestion regarding the entourage entrance... 
Iking and Irish openly told me of their grand entrance to first dance scheme the day we met and despite time constraints, they dutifully answered the workbook I gave. While reading through their responses and thinking of how they will pull off their plans, I asked them if their entourage would be open to the idea of "joining the fun" because Alphaland has such a long aisle and I wanted to make use of the extra spaces. Of course, I also wanted the entourage to get into the spirit of the theme. 

Hurrah for her man of honor!!!
Irish said yes! She even mentioned her "man of honor" who really choreographs dances. Yey! She said we could ask for his help while briefing the entourage. When her man of honor finally arrived at the reception venue, his first statement was, "I've seen you in a previous wedding!" Then he rattled off some names until we finally got to the name of the couple who also had a unique entrance for their entourage. I was thrilled! I told him of the plans as the coordinating team of One Wish rounded up the rest of the entourage. 

As the entourage members arrived, they looked disinterested. Perhaps, they were thinking we would ask them to enter two by two -- the usual. When I called out to them and told them we were going to do something unique because Iking and Irish believe in their ability to pull of their entrance sequence, they all joined the circle and listened intently. My former bride became a bit anxious when I told them they would dance. However, in the end, with the man of honor's assurance and prowess, the members of the entourage calmed down and started memorizing what they could do to pull of their entrance sequence. 

What did we accomplish much to the surprise of the guests?

a) We didn't ask the entourage to line up. We trusted them to all go to their assigned areas upon the cue, "Where are the members of the entourage?" Just the fact that they all reached their areas within the time allotment made me so jubilant already. But seeing them dance just to please the bride and groom? Priceless! Photos, except for one which I included in letter c, are all from Jaja Samaniego and her hardworking creative team. :)
My former bride, her partner as secondary sponsor, and the rest of the pairs were assigned
to stand at the back (near the door). Here they are clapping as they prepared for their number. 
b) People didn't expect what transpired, so they all looked pleasantly surprised when the members of the entourage started dancing in different areas of the venue. For me, it was a way to reach everyone, despite large space.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen took the center aisle and
danced to the guests' delight. 

See how they all learned the same steps and supported each other
throughout their sequence. 

Of course, we had to put the man of honor, best man, and matron of honor  in front.
Good thing they were able to do a mean rendition of Macarena!
c) The couple danced a medley and caused their guests to stand and whip out their camera phones and tablets. Everyone was all smiles -- sharing in the happy vibe that couple exuded. Check out this SDE created by Blacktie Project to hear their vows and see several parts of their dance medley. Just by watching their steps, you'd already guess the song they are dancing to.

SDE from Blacktie

I hurriedly took this photo using my ipad's camera. I just wanted to capture how
guests were standing up and smiling at them as they did their first dance. 
Can't get enough of how happy the guests were for the couple? Check out these shots of the other members of the entourage :)
It's always great when parents are so game.
We mentioned the names of all the bearers and flower girls, too! 
Thank you, Iking and Irish, for giving me the opportunity to work with you on your big day. It was such a joy for me that you were both so open to a variety of ideas and suggestions. May God bless you more and more... Cheers to a life of bliss! :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

To our dear Coordinators, just 3 requests...

I know there are coordinators who make it a point to practice these and really, hats off to them... :) They are the ones who have 1 team member nearby constantly updating me regarding developments including the number of prizes left when we are stalling for the AVP editors. (Yup, no need for me to leave the programme area in front just to chase 1 of them and ask regarding the status of the on-site AVP.) 

However, since some forget these tasks at times, I'd like to make an appeal to them through this note:

Ready or Stretch... Here we come!

a) Kindly let the emcee know if the on-site AVP is not ready -- one part before the emcee should cue the photo slideshow or the video. Usually, there is a game before this gets shown. It's the perfect time to let the emcee know that he/she should stretch because the editor needs a bit more time.

In the same vein, if it is ready, let the emcee know as well -- even just by pointing at the projector and giving a thumbs up. That way, the editor doesn't get frustrated that he/she worked so hard to beat the time requirement only to find out it won't get shown till the end of the program.

Last two minutes... BEFORE Game Time!

b) If there is a game, kindly prepare for it prior to game time. Have the materials on hand (including the correct allotment of prizes). If there are materials that need to be distributed to the guests per table, do give the people their materials ahead of the point at which the game would be introduced. That way, we waste less time and we come off as a team that has prepared a tight program.

I'm sure it stresses you out when you see your team members scrambling to the registration to locate missing game pieces or prizes. Worse, when prizes are really nowhere to be found.

Although no one (perhaps, except for the couple and emcee) knows about the prizes that need to be distributed, giving the wrong ones to the winners might result in a lack of prizes for the next game. To a very detailed bride/groom, this is also a factor that can cause stress -- even if there will be prizes for the next game winners. Emotions run high during weddings. We all know that. 

First Impressions Last

c) Please cue those who are involved in the following segments:  the entrance of the elders (if required), the entrance of the entourage, and the grand entrance. That way, they will really be encouraged to do their parts well. Some members of the entourage lose their nerve right when their names are called, but when coords are there to prop them up, they usually perform according to plan. Of course, we must admit that some entourage members are just too shy or too stubborn to do what's asked, but chosen well, they are usually close enough to the couple to know that their performance is actually part of their wedding gift, too. :)

Ok, it would be great if those with parts could also be brought close to the programme area prior to the time they are introduced. That way, the emcee avoids calling those who are not in the reception venue. 

Ultimately, we, the suppliers, are aware of two things: we aren't perfect, but we are in this together -- setting our sights on helping the couple achieve the programme they envisioned and more.  :) 


To our dear couples

No one is indeed perfect. A little leeway must be given for honest mistakes and a little confusion, especially if there are sudden changes on the day.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Workbook Deadlines

Dear Brides and Grooms,

Do send your workbooks with comments and inputs soon! :)

      For September Couples - this week

      For October Couples - last week of August or first week of September

      For November, December, and January Couples - third week of September till first week October

Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation... :)

God Bless