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Friday, August 23, 2013

By Request: Extended Promo Duration

Somebody asked me yesterday if The Wedding Audit will focus on the wedding budget. Haha! Don't worry, that's not the focus of the audit. 

Your Wedding Auditor won't ask you to divulge how much you spent. Audit here refers to what Webster defines as "a methodical examination and review". What will be examined and reviewed? All your wedding plans! (Ok, the Auditor will also fill in what's missing... :) 

Give your Wedding Auditor the chance to scrutinize everything you have so that... 
- glitches can be prevented on your big day
- missing items can be provided NOT when you're already scrambling to get to church
- you will look relaxed, not harassed, when you walk down the aisle. 

Why can't you undertake the audit yourself? Well, it's your first time to get married, right? Let someone with more experience see your plans and you will also exclaim, "Ay! Marami pa palang kulang!"(Mind you, this is not in terms of booking more suppliers.) 

Because I received requests yesterday to lengthen the duration of the promo... :) 

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