Perfect 10 Weddings

Monday, February 27, 2012

Before 2011 ended... :)

Before 2011 ended, we handled the wedding of this super sweet couple... :) The groom was a bit shy so we opted for a different kind of entrance for the entourage as well as the couple... that way, we still got to surprise the guests but we didn't necessarily need to make them dance or sing... :)

Thanks for this note, Alen and Lenard... :)

Dear Ms. Darlene & Team,
It's almost 2 months since we've got married. We just wanted to thank you for doing outstanding job for our wedding. I can't begin to tell you how many compliments I have received for your work most especially the way you handle the wedding program. Thank you once again for making our wedding extremely memorable.
Thanks again. We will never forget you Ms. Darlene because the entire P10W team are the best! :)
Mr. & Mrs. Munsayac

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Touching E-mail... :)

Hi Darlene -
Apologies for not being able to walk towards your table yesterday. I noticed that you were with your husband and I didn't want to disrupt your dinner. :) It was so nice seeing you again (and we got the chance to talk to your brother din pala outside). :)
Sorry it took me so long to write you a thank you note but from the bottom of our 2 hearts (that became 1)...we would like to thank you and your team for all your help during our wedding. Gaya nga nung time when kris asked me to be his girlfriend 9 years ago - your team is truly perfect (he proposed kasi 10/10). :) I just read your email to Ms. Benz from W@W and I had mixed emotions...I feld happy because (1) for selfish reasons na happy ako because we were still able to get you as our coordinator and emcee; and (2) happy ako kasi you will be able to spend quality time with your family. Pero I also felt sad because I really do feel that there are still alot of brides out there who would be lucky to have you as their coordinator. You are truly a gift to us brides (and grooms).
You make a very very good host as well. I wish you good luck and with your talent, you will definitely make it big as a host. :) There were a few people who asked me after I posted my reviews at W@W about your hosting capabilities and I really can speak only good things about were brillant!
Again, million, bazillion thank you and the next time I see you in an event, I'll find a way to approach you na. :)
Kris and Rog
Shrine of St. Therese/Blue Leaf

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Medium... :)

I thought about the best V-day gift I could give the man who literally waited years till the point when he felt worthy enough to reveal his feelings and propose. I knew the answer wouldn't be in any mall outlet. After all, what he wants is more time with me -- something I have not been able to give in the two years we've been married because I've been busy coordinating weddings. Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming our couples. In fact, I love them to bits. :)

When I began coordinating, I only had one goal in mind -- to help stressed out couples. Those who know how disappointed I was at the coordination done during my wedding would know that I just really wanted to prove to myself that coordination can be done well not because one is uber talented/intelligent, but because one cares a lot for the couple and how they spent time, effort, and resources to have their special day. I didn't have marketing plans. I just offered a service through w@w, because I was and will always be a w@wie at heart. I didn't even think I'd get more than 10 couples. But 8 months after we began the service, we were voted into the Top 10 of Weddings at Work. It really amazed me. :)

However, I do need to find a happy medium between the sense of fulfillment I get after every wedding day and the time my husband and other members of our respective families request of me. I, of all people, should know that time spent with family is priceless. After all, I lost my mom to cancer. But I can say, with my head held high, that there were no words left unsaid for we spent almost all our time together from the time I was born, till the time she embraced me one last time minutes before she passed on.

I am praying that just as couples gave me a chance to prove my mettle as a coordinator and coordinator-emcee from 2010 to the present, there will also be couples who will give me the same trust as a wedding emcee working with their team of coordinators.  So yes, I do want to still be of help to couples, albeit through emceeing. And yes, I will have to say "so long" to the world of coordinating for the time being. 

All couples who are already booked with us for coordination need not worry. We will give the same loving dedication to your wedding. After all, I've walked down the same aisle... I know how it feels... :)

Those who wish to see our emceeing package, please do not hesitate to email I infused it with my coordination gifts... simply because I know I will miss coordination, and I know, there are couples who will also benefit from the knowledge I've gleaned through the past weddings I've done. :)

Since it's the 15th today and I'm celebrating my birthday on the 15th of the next month, the promo price shall be for 15 slots as well. :) 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Something Touching... :)

From our Jan. 5, 2012 couple, Charlie and Glycell... :)

It was google who led me to Darlene. I went through her website and just like love-at-first, I knew we’re destined to be. On that same night that I knew about her, my husband told me that a friend he met hours ago recommended Darlene Tan – Salazar. The following morning, I emailed her to inquire. Unfortunately, she said that her wedding anniv is a day before our wedding date so she cannot take it. Without any hesitation I told her that I felt so sad and I cried when I read her email. She consulted Emman and thankfully Emman let her take our booking.
As the name of her company says, she really makes weddings more than perfect. She is smart, well-organized, responds to emails fast, and she commands respect from her team. It takes more than being nice and organized to execute a perfect wedding. Darlene is committed to what she’s doing. She has the leadership to pull a team who can function on their own. She has established reputation that she only needs to snap her fingers and people will follow her instructions.
During the wedding day, we were all relaxed. If there were some glitches that happened, they didn’t come to our attention anymore. Even if she was constantly on her phone, she never sent that worry feeling. She just made us feel that everything is just fine. When she told me that there are some technical issues with the photobooth, she said in a reassuring tone that they are working on it to be up and running.
Darlene is always quick to think of solutions. While in the reception, it turned out that our SDE is not ready yet. As she was also our emcee, she suddenly came up with a trivia game where we had a blast.
She is trustworthy. We trust her to the extent that we had no second thoughts of passing to her all of our guests’ cash gifts while we enjoyed the party. I think we gave her a bit of a pressure there…hehehe
Everybody loves her. Our guests have nothing but good words about her. I can go on and on about how perfect she is but on top of her intelligence and kindness, she’s so pretty.
Regards to your team and all the best to you guys!