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We received this today, 5th July 2012. Thank you, Roshee and Conrad... :) 

For those who are still so undecided on getting a coordinator whether full or OTD.. please do.. cause believe me, that day I was in the clouds, there were angels all around me.. one of these angels I believe is named Darlene :)

Mrs. Janice ni Randy
May 20, 2010
Mt. Carmel/Oasis
(e-mail sent May 22, 2010, published with the permission of the bride)

Almost two months into the wedding preps, I had to let go of my previous coordinator. With a dwindling budget, offshore location and fast-approaching wedding date spurring me on, I contacted Sis Leslie and asked if I can pair with her to avail of P10W's then being offered discount for w@wies. I booked Darlene without having met her, with nary a wedding to her name except her own but my instincts told me I had nothing to worry about. And they were right. From the day we started exchanging e-mails, Darlene has been hands-on, helpful and generous with her ideas. I only got OTD coordination services from her but truth be told, she partially coordinated our wedding. Case in point, almost five weeks into our wedding, we still didn't have invites. Not even a supplier. Darlene was kind enough to help me find a printer and she acted as a conduit between myself, the printer and my lay-out artist. As I wasn't in Manila then, she even personally viewed the mock invites and offered helpful suggestions to improve it. As I trusted her fully, I gave the go-ahead for all the changes. I loved the invites.

So it was with absolute trust that on our wedding day, I decided to just relinquish control, chill and enjoy the day. I let go, let God and let Darlene. :-) She's OC and detail-oriented just as a coordinator should be. She is very professional but her kindness and genuine caring for her brides made her a friend in my book. When needed, she is authoritative without being overbearing. But her auto-pilot mode of course is calm and collected. I swear I never had to worry about time, I knew Darlene got it covered. I knew I didn't have to worry about our suppliers, she already coordinated with them. Here is a lady with class. She is grace under pressure.  And so are the other ladies of P10W. Nothing fazed them! Not a groom and his male entou hung-over from a night drinking and singing My Way at a local KTV, not a dad getting moody about why the program hasn't started yet(forgot to brief my dad that weddings here are unlike what we're used to in the province where the couple is expected to proceed to the reception without any touch-ups and photo sessions), not late suppliers and buzzer beater guest lists! Billy actually scolded me for not getting their partial coordination package. On hindsight, I should have let them do their magic and saved myself a lot of wrinkles. This group certainly lived up to their name. Perfect 10, indeed!

June 20, 2010-kasal na!

my first shout out after the wedding: thank you so much Darlene Tan and the P10W crew for a fantastic job! =)
Jhem Alta - Gutierrez
Oct 30, 2010
Ellinwood/Pan Pacific

Thank you so much! as in thank you! as in! hahaha! wala pala dapat ipag-alala kapag ikaw ang coordinator. I know there's a reason kaya we left our previous coordinator, and that is to meet you.. thank you for accepting us as clients kahit 1 month to go na lang.. thank you for the patience as well :D we're so happy to have found you! :) you and your team were great! :) 

Earvin Paul Tesorero

6 Nov 2010

Mt. Carmel/LoL

darlene thank you so much for the help and assistance you have provided. indeed, hindi kami nagkamali ng pagpili sa iyo at sa team mo. thank u din for being so cool despite sa stress at pagod. yes, God is really good. as in nung time na recessional natin ang lakas pa ng ulan but the time na lumipat lang tau ng place for additional shots from jayjay biglang huminto ang ulan. maraming nagandahan sa wedding at sa programme and sa mga suppliers. they thought i only have 1 team of suppliers for the whole wedding. di nila alam iba-ibang team un. kasi it's well coordinated. lahat may iba't-ibang roles and it went so smoothly.
Ana Pamela Dudang - Tesorero
6 Nov 2010
Mt. Carmel/LoL

thanks,darlene. U made our wedding day a success! We wudnt have done it without ur help! Thanks a bunch!
Joyce Malanay - Gomez
18 Dec 2010
UST/Patio Victoria

Thanks, Darlene... Ilang beses ko na sinabi yan pero parang kulang pa rin. I don't know what this wedding would have been like if it weren't you. 

Salamat ng marami sa P10W team! Let me know lang if you'll ever need anything from me. I'll be glad to help.
Christelle Baranda - Ducussin
Dec. 5, 2010
Light of Love

Thanks, darlene! We wouldn't be able to pull it off without you. ;)
Nina Angela Agbulos - Reyes
Dec. 4, 2010
Fernwood Gardens