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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bridal Meals... :)

Butterflies in the stomach!

That's what most brides feel on the big day. There's a buffet breakfast, but they can't seem to put anything in their mouths. Some grooms go through the same challenge as well.

So what should one eat on the big day?

Suggestions from various sources include:

chicken or tuna salad - without greens, just plain tuna or shredded chicken with a little mayo, a pinch of salt, and perhaps, a little tarragon

cheese omelet - yup, around 2 eggs and cheese, hold the salt

banana and oatmeal - do check if you're lactose intolerant before you mix in some milk

Some have proposed avoiding salads (raw stuff) since they cause bloating and definitely, one would rather not be affected negatively by a gown that refuses to get fastened.

Basically, the point of having breakfast is to ensure that you'd be ready for what lies ahead -- lots of poses and movements for photo and video purposes. Remember, you will be carrying a heavy gown on heels, too.

Personally, I noticed that when we have egg with our meals during preps, we feel full far longer than when we have carb-rich items, and I'm speaking as a coordinator who stays on her feet for almost the whole day (12 to 16 hours).

Avoid going through the whole day without eating. You will feel dizzy and you might even faint. That's a major no-no. That's also the reason why sometimes, coordinators, photographers, and videographers would joke around and say "no shoot unless you eat". In truth, they really care and they want to protect you. :)

If you're the type who keeps getting hungry, do bring crackers or granola bars with you -- keep them in your bridal bag along with your pertinent medicines, your vows, and your tissue.

In all the years I spent as coordinator, I only allowed just one bride to avoid eating prior to the start of reception. Only one! And it's because I got to know her throughout the preps period and she really is like an energizer bunny. What I did was to tell the caterer to give her a lot of food for take back to the hotel. The following day, she told me, she finished almost everything we placed in the take out boxes. Hehe! :)

Even now that I'm emceeing, I usually ask the coords or the couple if they've eaten prior to the programme. I just want to make sure they can really pull off their grand entrance and dance, and smile throughout the pictorials where everyone is eating except them. Yup, usually there's hardly any time to eat once the couple enters the reception area. Thus, it's a must to eat during preps and prior to the grand entrance. :)