Perfect 10 Weddings

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dear Wedding Guests

Look at these guests...
They participated in the
Photobooth contest,
and they won! 
The bride and the groom consider you important, that's why...

a) they sent you the invitation in advance
b) they worked so hard on the seating arrangement (making sure you're comfortable where you will be seated)
c) they made sure the place would be well-decorated
d) they chose a good caterer
e) they prepared a detailed programme with your enjoyment in mind

Thus, in return, you should...

a) respond to the RSVP request

Let them know if you're going or you're not going. Please do not give an answer akin to "maybe". It just unduly complicates matters -- it's as though you're telling them to spend more than a thousand for your food even if you're not sure you're going.

b) sit where you have been assigned

This is especially important among VIPs because their tables are at the centre and when they leave their seats, they end up making the front of the hall look empty. Of course, that makes the couple sad as well.

{Note to brides and grooms: A good rule of thumb is to sit the godparents with their spouses, so they won't feel the need to leave their seats.}

c) avoid taking home the decorations because there's always a chance the stylist would require the bride and groom to pay for the items that have been taken home

Ask the coordinator if you can take the items home before proceeding to pluck everything out, and please do not do so while the programme is going on. That is in very poor taste.

d) eat well but please join the group pictorials before raiding the buffet

Oh, there is absolutely no reason to avoid the cocktail hour canapés to leave room for lunch/dinner. Remember the canapés are being served at least 2 hours before the actual dinner; so yes, you would have digested them by the time the buffet gets opened.

e) participate and contribute to the programme
Guests hamming it up for the camera... with a little help
from We Celebrate's photographer, Kristel :) We all know
how We Celebrate goes the extra mile to help guests celebrate
the love of the bride and groom; thus, the very apt
company name. :) 

It does not make sense to dress up and go to the reception, only to leave after eating -- it just says you are impolite. It also does not make sense to make an effort to attend if you are just planning to be a quiet spectator. Do the cocktail hour activities, wait for the announcement of winners, talk to people, and be an active participant during the programme (clap, cheer, hoot, laugh, cry, be competitive during games -- REACT). It will make a difference if you will react and contribute -- you will not only lighten your own mood, but also the general atmosphere. Now who wouldn't want that, right?

If you are still reading, then that means you are a well-meaning guest. May your tribe increase! :)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Can you name that tune?

This game is always a big hit but I am posting just now because it was only yesterday that I came across photos that show how much fun it is. Grabbed from the Facebook account of superb photographers, Manny and April Pulido :) 

This was during the wedding of Adrin and Tine. Guests were super competitive. We ended with a sudden death round but not without playful accusations of cheating, ie guests from other tables looking at their friends' answers. Haha! :)