Perfect 10 Weddings

Monday, March 18, 2013

Let's Share the Love

With all the birthday messages I received from Friday to Sunday, I just can't help but share the love. (Yes, it's as though my birthday lasted three days with all the messages that came in via FB, twitter, SMS, etc.)

Let's slash 1,000 off 
the new emceeing packages. 

To avail of the discount, here are the steps:
  1. Please email me via or Send your date, time of reception, and venue of reception so I can send you the new packages (regular rates). 
  2. After you get my email stating availability on your date, share this picture via Facebook or Twitter. Please don't forget to tag me so I can take note of your discount. 
  3. Do note that the booking must be finalized with the signed contract and fifty percent downpayment this week (March 18 to 24, 2013).  Due to requests sent via SMS and email, the promo is extended till April 5, 2013. 
  4. Don't hesitate to drop me an email or SMS if you have questions.

Credit goes to my former couple, Rachelle and Paulo, for this caricature. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

How do you live, laugh, and love?

To answer that question, we need to analyze the wedding of Jhellie and Ersus. 

photos taken by yours truly during the reception
a) Have a large backdrop that communicates the theme, "Live, Laugh, Love". Passion Cooks really outdid themselves once again in making sure the whole place had a happy vibe -- down to the variations of the red centerpieces on the tables. :) 

b) Be genuinely "bungisngis"... yes, laugh heartily and mean it each time. Your "happy-happy, joy-joy" feeling should rub off on your guests unless they all have stone hearts. (In the case of Jhellie and Ersus, their guests were just as "all smiles" as they were on their big day.) 

c) Pick entourage members who can be your co-conspirators in reinforcing the theme -- watch the SDE by Zoombox and you will see how the entourage members spiced up their entrance. Add monickers to the names of your entourage members so that their names sound catchy as these are announced one by one. Include those in the countdown AVP as well... that way, people really know who is considered the "Borgy Manotoc of Navotas" :) 

d) Plan your grand entrance and get a sound system supplier who will play your mp3s in the right sequence. (Yup, get Rejecktrew... :) Jhellie and Ersus sang "Please be Careful with My Heart" coming in, then danced a medley prepared by yours truly right after their song number. It was really great that Jhellie and Ersus chose dance songs which their guests would react to... :) Kudos to their coords for helping pull off the transition from the singing entrance to the first dance :) 

e) Be very natural & candid while delivering your vows... again, watch the SDE. :) Giggle as tears fall... :) Got Jhellie's permission to include their SDE in my blog... Thanks, Jhellie... :) 

So how do you "live, laugh, love"? Let's all learn from Jhellie and Ersus :) 

Thanks so much for the gift, Jhellie and Ersus... and for even taking time out to write a letter... I super appreciate the gesture... :) 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Opposite of Bridezilla

When Mae first sent me a message, I felt she seemed too good to be true. She was just too nice and polite!!! But as days passed, I realized that there are indeed people who are just born sweet and kind, and God graciously granted me the gift of knowing her and being able to work with her (and her groom) on their big day.

As we sat down to talk about their plans, she was delighted that I had previously worked with her suppliers and she genuinely looked forward not only to see her efforts come to fruition but to witness the dance showdown of MyPhotato and Rejectkrew. (She even mentioned that in her speech. Haha!)

I was so happy to see the guests clapping and dancing with them during their grand entrance. (As usual, I was transfixed... so I didn't get to take a picture.) It was like a flash mob -- something other couples plan for and end up not doing because the guests are too shy. I'm glad the guest seated near the dance area weren't the shy type. They were cheering, clapping, and moving to the beat. And the best part? It was spontaneous.

After the event, I received this message from Mae. Needless to say, I felt really flattered -- humaba ang hair ko at umabot ng Baguio.

I must admit that for this wedding, I did my best, not only because I am a supplier and I should give 101% of myself every time, but more because I felt it would be akin to committing a sin if I don't give my all in helping this couple achieve their dream programme. I'm sure the other suppliers felt the same way. That's why we had the full force and energy of Rae Venturanza - Salazar and Kiss the Girl Events, and the overflowing flowers of Serge Igonia on the tables and the couple's area. Needless to say, Rejectkrew and MyPhotato were full of positive vibes. (Ayan, Elmer, I didn't say "kakulitan"... Ay, I said it din pala... Hehe!)

Thank you again, Mae and Manny... Keep in touch... :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Of booths and weddings...

It's a good idea to have extra booths during weddings, but it does take a little more cash to ensure the items are in a ratio of 1:1. So, if you'd rather not go for the said ratio, but you'd like to have your booth of choice, why not give stubs?

One of our brides last year decided to give stubs to the entourage and to those who would go to church on time -- yup, like a reward for making the extra effort to arrive according to schedule. Here are the stubs we made for them. :)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Sense of Naivete

Her tito-ninong, in his speech, said she has a certain sense of naïveté. I couldn't help but agree. During meetings, she relays her plans and requests with childlike trust. I must admit that I must have delivered 101% of myself during their wedding -- all because she invested so much confidence in what I can do for her & her groom. Thank you, DY and Eric, for believing in me... :) Thank you also for the gifts, and most importantly, for the very touching lines you said during your speech. That's something I will never forget. I feel so blessed that you gave me a chance to work on your wedding. :)