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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Opposite of Bridezilla

When Mae first sent me a message, I felt she seemed too good to be true. She was just too nice and polite!!! But as days passed, I realized that there are indeed people who are just born sweet and kind, and God graciously granted me the gift of knowing her and being able to work with her (and her groom) on their big day.

As we sat down to talk about their plans, she was delighted that I had previously worked with her suppliers and she genuinely looked forward not only to see her efforts come to fruition but to witness the dance showdown of MyPhotato and Rejectkrew. (She even mentioned that in her speech. Haha!)

I was so happy to see the guests clapping and dancing with them during their grand entrance. (As usual, I was transfixed... so I didn't get to take a picture.) It was like a flash mob -- something other couples plan for and end up not doing because the guests are too shy. I'm glad the guest seated near the dance area weren't the shy type. They were cheering, clapping, and moving to the beat. And the best part? It was spontaneous.

After the event, I received this message from Mae. Needless to say, I felt really flattered -- humaba ang hair ko at umabot ng Baguio.

I must admit that for this wedding, I did my best, not only because I am a supplier and I should give 101% of myself every time, but more because I felt it would be akin to committing a sin if I don't give my all in helping this couple achieve their dream programme. I'm sure the other suppliers felt the same way. That's why we had the full force and energy of Rae Venturanza - Salazar and Kiss the Girl Events, and the overflowing flowers of Serge Igonia on the tables and the couple's area. Needless to say, Rejectkrew and MyPhotato were full of positive vibes. (Ayan, Elmer, I didn't say "kakulitan"... Ay, I said it din pala... Hehe!)

Thank you again, Mae and Manny... Keep in touch... :)

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