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Saturday, December 28, 2013

So you think it's easy to be a wedding supplier?

Hmm... let's see...

a) Everything is "take one". Usually, there's no chance to do a take two because there are time limits and of course, it's a once-in-a-lifetime affair. A bungled thing is a bungled thing is a bungled thing... Get it?

Oh, and it's not easy for couples to move on when there are too many bungled parts... Wrong music playing at the first dance, forgotten distribution of gifts to principal sponsors, etc.

b) Your "officemates" are constantly changing. While there are times when suppliers get lucky and end up working with people they are used to, there are also days when their co-suppliers are downright difficult to work with or are nice but inefficient. When that happens, suppliers who know better need to go beyond what they are expected to do -- just to save the day, literally and figuratively.

So yes, I am personally thankful to all my couples who got reliable suppliers. No added stress... yey! :)

c) You need to be healthy all the time -- first, because the couple did book you and they wish to see you on their big day and second, because it's not easy to look for a replacement. So as the saying goes, "the show must go on" (even if you have fever, you're coughing your lungs out, etc.)

Why am I writing this? Well, I've heard too often from outsiders that it's easy and glamorous to be in the industry. While the job can be considered glamorous from a certain vantage point -- "easy" is far from the real picture. It's as difficult a job as any -- we don't have lots of room for mistakes, in fact, even just one mistake can prove "fatal" to our reputations; we don't have emergency leaves and the like, and most of all, we work in a constantly changing environment where we must learn to adapt really quickly, step up and go beyond what is required of us, and deal with personality quirks on the side -- all in the name of giving the couple their dream wedding.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why are you in the wedding industry?

I've always viewed the wedding day as a day of cooperation among suppliers. After all, each one is vital to creating the big picture. I feel that it's necessary to forego getting credit and just troubleshoot wherever needed. However, it's difficult to cooperate and compromise if some suppliers have this mindset: "Basta ito ang amin, ito lang ang gusto kong gawin, bahala kayo". 

"Tulungan" po ang name of the game dito because at the end of the day, what counts should be the fact that we all helped each other achieve the couple's dream wedding. That's why some of my supplier-friends end up going beyond their roles as well -- if one is having difficulty, the other suppliers step up to cover for the one who can't get it together at the moment. All because we don't want the bride & groom to lose the positive vibes of the day.  

I thought of UNITY & COOPERATION because a coord team member told me that it's not her job to help the projector tech -- in the middle of the program, after seeing the projector tech flounder with the first AVP. In the first place, as coord it's your job to check on the in-house projector operator prior to the reception (and request for a different one if he can't do the job well). How about the tasks I did for you? Did I ever say, "This is your job; it's not mine to do"? (It is not my intention to malign any coord team. I am simply writing this as a case in point.) 

Let's not make things go south for the couple. Let's work together and avoid the blame game. 
Bottomline, we all need to do our part to make the day stress-free. It's not just the coords' task to make everything run seamlessly, they also need our cooperation as fellow suppliers. I'm saying this because I also coordinated in the past. I know how hard it is to wear that coord hat. So I help... Not to say, "I helped"... But to say, "I can relate". 

I can proudly say I know a lot of people in the industry who have the same mindset, ie on the day, we all belong to one team named after the bride and groom. :) 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Weddings at Work Top 10 Suppliers of 2013 Awarding Day & Xmas Party

We would not have been able to take this photo if Emman's guardian angel
had not kept him from harm's way.  
It was a bittersweet day...

Nov. 22, 2013

My husband, Emman, called me around 7AM to tell me that Focus is a total wreck. It was surreal. I thought I was dreaming. If it were a total wreck, why was he calling me? He was driving the car, after all. Besides, we were just talking a few minutes before that, and everything was fine.

the wrecked focus and the obvious lack of safety measures
along the construction site
Well, his guardian angel must have been working overtime that day -- just as he has been the past two months he has been working 12, 14, 16-hour shifts with his current company. He came out unscathed, save for 1 scratch on his left wrist and a bruise on his right wrist. (His side airbag didn't deploy thanks to the free seat cover from Ford Alabang -- the worst in after sales service. They could have at least given a warning that if we'd use it, we'd also be putting ourselves in harm's way, right?)

We can't fully explain what happened, except that we saw debris from the concrete island on the road from a construction along Commonwealth which, of course, had no sign, no orange cones, and no barrier. Did I say there was also a deep hole with metal bars which could have skewered my husband had the car fallen in? (Oh, but we shouldn't have expected the city government of Quezon City or DPWH to have placed more than a very thin yellow ribbon in the area. We live in a corrupt, third world country. Obviously, here, living day in and day out is a miracle in itself. Look at the Yolanda survivors and what they are going through despite the billions in aid given by foreign countries and private citizens.)

The fact that we can't fully explain what happened and why he was not hurt just tells me Emman experienced a miracle in its truest sense. And for that, we are very thankful. (We received word two days later about another car that overturned in the same area, with one getting stitches and the other passenger experiencing a fracture.)

That night, we decided to still attend the Weddings at Work Party. Emman was in Malaysia -- on a speaking engagement -- the last time I was part of the Top 10. That was in 2010 and Perfect 10 Weddings was on its 6th month. P10W officially ended its run and started its hiatus last January 2013. This second trip to the Top 10 is for a different category -- wedding emceeing.

It was great to see familiar faces -- former brides, co-suppliers -- gathered in one venue. It was also a lot of fun to meet future brides whose faces I've gotten to know because they added me on Facebook. I asked my dad and my niece to go, first, because my dad takes care of the music I bring to every wedding and second, because my niece always complains that I have a wedding and can't spend time with her. Emman was with me as well. After all, he's the one who brings me to and from most of my weddings.

It could have been a very different story that day. I shudder to think of that thought. So let me end with much thanksgiving to the Almighty Father and to Emman's guardian angel.
Awarding Ceremonies at the Blue Leaf Filipinas
Thank you to everyone who sent in their well wishes and their congratulatory notes via Facebook and SMS. Truly appreciated... :) 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Delay in the Announcement of Winners

Hi Everyone,

Aside from having weddings the past days, I am also verifying the entries (if all 3 steps were done). Please bear with me. I am targeting tomorrow as my announcement day. I should be finished verifying each entry by then. :)

Some of you may have also received emails from me regarding the verification process... Thank you for responding right away. :)

God Bless

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Last Chance!

It's your last chance to get the 1,000 discount and/or win in the raffle! Today is the last day! :)

If you've booked or if you've sent in your entries, please make sure you did these three tasks:

a) send an email to Darlene with your date, ceremony time and venue, and reception time and venue
b) press the join site button (left side of the webpage, just scroll down)
c) comment on at least one blog entry

You may still finish all three tasks today so you can ensure that your discount stays and/or your entry will be counted for the raffle. Noticed how some just commented but didn't join. Some just sent in emails without having joined the site and without having commented. Remember, you have to do all three for your discount to stay and for your entry to be counted. :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank you, Belle and Byron :)

Can't get over the cuteness of this gift :) Love, love, love it :)

Thank you so much, Belle and Byron :) 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Top 5 Tips for Dealing with the Dreaded Guest List

One of my brides asked me for tips, so it got me thinking that if she needed tips, then perhaps, there are others out there who need tips as well. So here goes... 

1) Take RSVP matters into your own hands. 

Don't be shy about asking people if they can go to your big day. Send a generic text. If some don't respond, call them or send them an SMS directed at them only. If they don't pick up the call and refuse to answer the message, put all their names in the buffer list. Chances are, they won't be going anyway. (And if they do, well, they know they never responded; thus, the reason for their buffer table listing.) 

Sample place card (usually only those seated
at the VIP table have place cards) 
Oh, don't accept chair reservations, too. Ask for the names of those who are coming. That way, you won't spend needlessly for a chair reservation which never had a corresponding name in the first place. It will also help you later on when you do your guest list and print your escort cards. 

2) VIP tip 1

Put your parents, godparents, and their spouses in the VIP list. Ask your caterer if the number of people can fit into 1, 2, 3, or more VIP tables. That way, you will also be able to check regarding additional fees for floral arrangements and the like. 

Check with your caterer if you will need to make the place cards. If they will take care of it, get the deadline and send accordingly. Draw a seat map -- excel, powerpoint, word, photoshop, by hand -- for as long as the coords and the caterer's AE will understand where each person is seated. Make sure you put your couple's area as reference so your parents don't end up at the back. Inform them as well that they really need to follow the seat map you made. That way, they won't just put whoever, wherever. 

IMPORTANT TIP: Do not seat the partners in front of each other. Put them side by side. You will understand why when you start going around the VIP tables for pictorial with each pair. 

Don't forget to comment below or send us an email
if you will use this photo for your own wedding. :)
We would be glad to know we've been helpful. :) 
3) VIP tip 2

Seat them with people they know or with whom they may share a common interest. I loved it when Ms. Sonia Roco gushed at me during our wedding that her VIP table seat mate is her neighbour. Glad that she noticed how we sat her with someone whom she can converse with... :) 

If they know whom they are seated with or they at least have something to talk about, chances are, they won't leave right away. And you don't want them leaving right away because the VIP tables are at the center of the room. :)

4) Guests tables

Group the names according to their affiliations. If you have 11 in a group, then make sure you also have a group with 9 names, because you will take the 10th chair of that table to have 11 chairs for the 11 guests of another table. 

But if you can keep yourself from having 11 chairs, and stick to 10, better. It is tight to have 11 per round table. Oh! And don't take this tip at face value ok, ask your caterer regarding the number of people per table. Some only have 8 chairs per table, while others can go up to 12 per table especially if they are rectangular. 


Remember that this table that has to be kept empty in your guest list. If you have 150 guests, and you paid for 150, the 10 extra seats of the buffer table should be the allotment of those who might suddenly appear without having sent responses. You know them, they are in your buffer list, but they never responded; thus, they belong to the buffer list. 

If you assign people there, then you have guests appearing unannounced, the coords will not have seats for them right away. They will be made to wait by the registration area while the coords are going around asking guests if the seats beside them are empty. Although said guests did not RSVP, it's still rude to make them wait too long for a seat; thus, the function of the buffer table.  

It's also a good idea to have escort cards so coords know right away which tables still have extra seats and who came unannounced and grabbed the seats of those originally assigned to certain tables. Some guests do that as well. But with escort cards and people reporting that they do not have seats anymore, coords are able to relocate those who really did not respond to RSVP texts and calls. 

Oh, the suppliers table usually doesn't have a centrepiece, so it does not count as a buffer table. Sometimes, the chairs are even monoblocks, while the rest have ghost or tiffany chairs. So yes, it's not very polite to use it as a buffer table.

Photo by Metrophoto, grabbed from Vatel Manila's blog entry regarding the wedding
we handled as Perfect 10 Weddings last November 2012
Thank you, Oly, for making our escort cards look soooo nice... :) 
5) Kiddie Tables

These aren't so feasible especially if... 
a) the kids are too young to be on their own
b) the kiddie table is close to the door, the projector, or the dance floor/programme area

For me, it's still a lot better to have the kids seated with parents so they are safe and more disciplined. They are less likely to run around if the parent is beside them and checking on what they are doing -- unless the parent is the one encouraging them to join the bride and groom on stage. (This is sad, but it happens...) 

Kiddie stuff can be distributed by the coords (colouring materials, puzzles, clay, etc.) and the waiters (kiddie food). Ask the caterer if they are open to you ordering fast-food meals with toys, too. They are cheaper, yet the kids truly enjoy them. Channeling the thought of this kid who was walking around with her happy meal box all throughout the wedding reception... So cute! :) 

Of course, if you want it more formal, you can ask the caterer for their kiddie meals, too. :) I'm sure either way, the kids will enjoy having food suited to their palate. Oh, but if you're ordering kiddie meals, please count the kids and double check the number before ordering -- better yet, have extra plates/kiddie meal boxes. Some tend to take their kids along without informing the bride and groom.

This kiddie table set-up worked because it was nowhere near the door, not near the projector, and the kids
were old enough to handle themselves. In fact, when the food was served, they were able to eat on
their own. I do declare though, non-toxic clay really keeps 'em busier than crayons and colouring pages. :) 

You still have 8 days left to join the raffle and get a discount on my current emceeing packages. Just click on this link: join the raffle or get a discount now :) 

Monday, November 4, 2013

6 winners in 6 days!!!

6 days to go till we draw the winners' names... :) 
6 winners all in all :)

Kindly note the following:

*After November 12, 2013, regular rates will apply :)

One white, one pink... :) The pink one is actually a bridesmaid's kit but it
comes with all the essentials as well, except for the extra garter. :)  
*If you've signified your intention to book, but you haven't sent in your deposit slip and contract, please do so on or before the 12th, that way, the discount still applies. :)

*If you have booked, but you forgot to follow the blog and leave a comment, do so on or before the 12th... just so you can keep your discount :)

*Oh, yes, the emergency kit raffle is open to all brides -- whether booked with me or not :) Just check out the inclusive months below. :)

Blurred Lines

Oct 12, 2013
Rhea and Adrian 
Blue Leaf Filipinas 

Why the title? 

It's not because we blurred the lines between Filipino and Malaysian traditions. Nope... :) (Ok, we did, because we even had two types of toasts -- one that we are used to and another that's traditionally Malaysian) 

But that's not the point... :)

I am using this title because the people started dancing when Sound Salad started singing the song, "Blurred Lines". :) 

It was cute how the children/siblings of the couple delivered their parents messages. Oh, and guests definitely enjoyed the trivia game about Adrian and Rhea... We had to go down the wire to a sudden death round with one of Rhea's former office mates winning for his table :) 

We had fun with the singles game, too, since we played damsel in distress with the basketball hoops. It was funny and touching at the same time to see the Malaysian guys coaching each other as to how best to shoot the balls into the hoops. Really sweet, too, that our bachelor who did the garter and kissing challenge said sorry to the bachelorette every time he had to do a task -- such a gentleman!  :) 

Below are some detail shots -- just using my iPad...  :) 

Registration set up by Ktg events :) 

Giveaways from the couple which only females were allowed to distribute. 

Loved the set up of Josiah's Catering :) People were so full that we had to remind them there was a pasta bar on the left and a dessert bar on the right. :) 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Another sweet, sweet note :)

Thank you so much, Kristel and Harold :) 

I know you guys are busy with work and newlywed bliss, I truly appreciate that you took time to write me an email after the Weddings at Work Top 10 announcement :) 

Couples like you guys make suppliers believe they can do anything and everything, give 101% of themselves and more... Thank you for empowering all of us that day. Your positivity rubbed off on everyone -- a programme of 3 hours, torrential rains, and no one left. The thought still leaves me speechless :)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Sweet as Candy

Her name is Jhellie and she is one do the sweetest brides I've met. I'm posting her touching message here because for some reason, Facebook didn't get to post it. Good thing Facebook sent a notice about it. :)

She sent this after the Weddings at Work top 10 announcement :) 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bridal Emergency Kit Raffle

Yes, I have a twin and Darlene is trying to locate two new homes for us! Join the raffle now! :) (details below) 

The bridal emergency kit raffle is open to all brides -- whether booked or not :) 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

My #w@wlove journey :)

Stage 1:

I was a proud w@wie complete with w@w tag before I decided to become a supplier. The w@w tag reveals how active I was in posting my queries, comments, and suggestions... Hehe! :)

Stage 2:

I started Perfect 10 Weddings, our coordination team, via a post in w@w. I guess w@wies tend to trust fellow w@wies; thus, I got several bookings right away. Talk about w@wlove! (wala pang hashtag then)

Stage 3:

Ms. Benz organized a get-together of w@wies-turned-coordinators. I was in awe of Clarice, Queen, and Jody as they talked about their experiences and freely gave advice to us. #w@wlove ulit (this time, beyond the yahoogroup)

Stage 4:

Ms. Benz sent the proverbial late night text to the Top 10 Suppliers of 2010! When I woke up to see that message the following morning, I could not believe what I was reading... We had around 6 months of experience at that point, yet the w@wies were willing to give us that recognition already!!! w@wlove to the max! (but of course, with that recognition came the challenge of proving ourselves worthy of #w@wlove... :)

Stage 5:

Over the years, w@wies gave us the opportunity to handle their weddings -- even giving cards and gifts to let us know of how we were able to alleviate their stress and execute their plans. #w@wlove over and over... :)

Stage 6:

Another late night text from Ms. Benz!!! It felt so surreal that once again, I am being given #w@wlove via votes, albeit in a different category -- in 2010, it was for coordination, while this 2013, it's for emceeing. Thank you, dear w@wies, for this recognition. Let's continue personalizing programmes and trying our best to give your guests out-of-the-box experiences... :)

I would also like to say thank you to the great emcees I got to work with when I was still actively coordinating/planning weddings, especially Missy Ferrer - Litao, who is not only an inspiration but a friend as well. :) 

Congratulations to the Top 10 Awardees of 2013! 
- to my caterer of choice for our wedding, K by Cunanan Catering. Everything is always so nice with Kaye... even her waiters are all so well-trained and gracious. :) What's there not to love, huh?
- to Dylan, who, beyond all the creative ideas and picture-perfect flowers, is really first and foremost a good friend... :) So glad I had so many weddings with you and Kaye when I was still coordinating. Things are always easy and happy with you guys. :) 

- to Val, whose mere presence at my P10W-coordinated preps made me relax because I knew nothing could stop him from finishing ahead of time... :) Thank you for the trust even if we were new then... Thank you also for handling my make-up and hair during the shoot of 2010. :) 

- to Aisle 1401, thank you for always finishing your beautiful SDEs on time... It makes my life so much easier. (Sorry din po if in case I made you "ngarag"... :) 

- to Aira Franco and Manny and April, looking forward to working with you... :) I've seen a lot of your outputs and I know you guys are such a well-loved, talented lot. :) 

- to Moki, Tippy, and Kiko, for all the laughter and great conversations especially while planning for surprise events... :) Who knew one could have hilarious conversations -- lots of literal LOL moments -- while chatting? You guys are so gifted yet you are all so humble... :) I am really glad I found friends in all of you :) 

Friday, October 25, 2013

To guests who think it's ok to leave before the programme ends...

Just a little introduction: Some days back, I was chatting with a fellow supplier about a wedding they had, wherein very few guests were left right after eating. It was sad to say the least for the couple -- even if they expected it because they knew some of their invitees had an "eat and run" reputation. I think some of those who prefer to "eat and run" aren't aware of how weddings have changed; thus, they are missing out on a lot of things. In other words, sayang naman po -- you already spent time, effort, and resources to go to the wedding, why not stay on and finish it, especially because after eating, that's when you can win prizes and watch the on-site AVPs. :) 

Disclaimer: All photos used here are from real weddings -- to illustrate why guests should not leave early. They are not part of the wedding discussed in the previous paragraph. :)

Dear Guests, 

Weddings have become complicated through the years. More and more details are included; more and more plans are drawn up and executed. Most of these look good in pictures, that's true. However, couples do not only pay for these details for their own personal satisfaction. Most actually think of you, their guests, and what would make you feel happy and satisfied.

All photos were taken at real events.
This one was designed by Amante Fleurs.
They want pretty venues so that they could make traveling worth your while. They provide several activities as well as food and drink choices during cocktail time so that you won't get bored or hungry while waiting for them to finish their pictorials. They go to great lengths to plan for their programmes -- sing, dance, prepare games, and buy prizes -- just so they can see you smiling and cheering. They spend time and effort going through food tasting sessions and drawing up their menus because they want to make sure you will like the food and drink choices.

So yes, when you stand and leave right after eating or while games are going on, it is really heartbreaking for the couple -- even more so when you stand and disturb them as they are enjoying their on-site AVPs. The on-site photo slideshow and the same day edit are supposed to show them all that transpired and what they may have missed because they are floating on cloud 9. Please don't burst their bubble. Let them watch. Enjoy it with them. Anyway, after these AVPs are played, it's usually time for the final speech anyway.

I am writing this because I want you to know that we literally spend hours exchanging e-mails and ideas to plan for programmes. We work on making sure we will finish within the usual 2-hour attention span of most polite guests. We have you in mind while planning the programme. Please also have in mind the bride and groom who want to spend the biggest day of their journey together with you. Know that while they will most likely recall your gift later on, they will remember more your presence and how you did your best to be truly and fully present on their wedding day.

Wouldn't you want to feel so loved on your big day? Give them that gift. Make them remember you with much fondness for staying, laughing, and crying tears of joy with them.

Yours truly,
All Concerned Emcees

I don't think I'm the only emcee whose heart breaks when they see couples saddened by guests who leave earlier than the end of the programme -- or worse, do not attend at all after confirming that they are coming. I know I am one with all those who spend a lot of time and effort planning programmes with their couples. Let's make the bride and groom happy. It's their big day, after all. :)

These pictures are proof of how couples spend so much time, effort, and resources to make their big day special not only for them but for their guests. :)

They make the guest table centrepieces works of art so that they can make you feel
they thought of you while planning what you would see at the centre of your table
for the whole duration of the event.
{Styled by K by Cunanan Catering}
This couple spent so much time thinking of how they want their backdrop to look.
Why? Because they know the pictorial with the guests would be done in this area.
{Styled by Josiah's Catering}
Talk about giving the guests a welcome treat! This
couple thought it best to greet the guests at the cocktail
area with apples -- thematic and satisfying. :)
{Area styled by K by Cunanan Catering}
This couple literally prepared a 1:1 type of souvenir
so all guests who have something to take home
(or eat on the way home).  
Guests knew the theme of this couple upon entering the area, because this was what
greeted them at the registration area. If this doesn't tell guests that the couple truly prepared for their big day,
I don't know what else a couple can do to give guests that message.
{Area prepared by Amante Fleurs}
This couple made sure their programme would be
super entertaining -- lots of lively dances!!!
{kudos to Jeni, Rocky, and their ento}
(Photo grabbed from Infinite Events by Mr. and Mrs.)
This activity kept guests busy during cocktail time -- as they
planned for their scenario shot with the couple
before going to the buffet. They literally brought props
and acted their hearts out upon the photographer's signal.
Letter for each table prepared by the emcee. Explanations
and distribution ℅ Infinite Events by Mr. and Mrs.
To those who are asking if the emceeing promo is still ongoing... please click on the link below. Deadline of bookings for the discount is on November 12, 2013. It will also be the date I would announce the raffle winners. :) 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Of stress and trucks... :)

While trucks are big and suppliers seem to be heroes who can troubleshoot through every sticky situation, couples can do their part to lessen on-the-day stress by having detailed, final contracts -- no matter how trivial it sounds, couples should inform suppliers concerned about their details and changes. (After all, what if it just sounds trivial but it is actually major? You will never know until you see on the day that there's a problem caused by the seemingly trivial matter, right? Why wait till the day then? Why not resolve it prior to the big day?)

a) The truck of your caterer usually does not carry extra tables and chairs, floral arrangements and linen. So be prudent. Inform your caterer of the real number of people who responded during your confirmation period.

If for instance, you reserved for 150 and you got 160 responses, the more prudent response would be to  inform your caterer of the added heads. That way, if you have guests who bring in companions, their companions will not need to wait too long at the registration area for seats.

Picture this: 150 guests + 10 buffer seats = 160 seats

*You think, it's ok then, it matches.

*But what if, what if on the off chance you get more than the 160 on the day? Where will they sit?

*Moreover, what if, what if your guests like to take more than what they can finish -- what will the last table eat?

*While some are no-shows on the day, it's still a lot less stressful to have a few extra seats. The no-shows do not usually belong to one table anyway, usually, they are one or two seats of certain tables.

Decided to use this picture taken at a K by Cunanan reception to illustrate
the point that a table has so many elements; thus, it's really more prudent to inform
the caterer of added heads and the need for an additional table set-up. 

b) The truck of your sound system provider will carry the equipment you booked. It will not magically turn up equipment you didn't book.

What do you do then?

*Give your sound system supplier the list of equipment needed by your musicians. That way, your sound system supplier can let you know if the package you booked with them matches the needs of your musicians.

*If the sound system supplier quotes you a different package after seeing you have a full band set-up, please do not think your sound system supplier is being greedy. Even if you and I are "laymen" in terms of technical sound details, we must consider the difference between the instruments of a quartet and a band. The difference in the way they sound alone should already tell us that there is indeed a major difference in the equipment the sound system provider should bring.

*Yup, that is also the reason why some venue packages give you the following inclusions "basic sound system" + "a quartet". No venue will give you the following: "basic sound system + a full band" as an inclusion.

*In the same vein, the lead musician who chooses to give the bride/groom an upgrade, i.e. more instrumentalists, should first inform the couple about it since it does entail extra costs. If the couple disagrees with your upgrade, then so be it -- take away the upgrade, stick to the package, everyone happy.

c) The truck of your stylist is not limitless in space. Make sure you have a detailed contract stating what you agreed on so that there would be no stress on the day.

*If in case you added to the VIPs, inform the stylist as well so that the length of the new VIP table would be taken into consideration when planning the styling of the table. Moreover, the place cards would have to be prepared as well.

*If you added to the number of guests, inform the stylist, too. An additional table means an additional centerpiece. While yes, they can thin down the number of flowers per centerpiece to give the added table the needed flowers, what about the vase/s?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thank you is not overrated... :)

I had seven events from Oct. 12 to 20, and yes, I felt that indeed, peak season has begun for me. I just want to thank the couples who gave me their trust and confidence. I will be blogging about your extra special weddings... :) Thank you also to the ones who sent in super touching messages of thanks, I will include those in my blog entries, for sure... :)

You see, thank you is never overrated. It's something that truly makes every supplier's effort to give 101% of himself/herself so much more worth it. While we are professionals and we'd do our jobs and so much more every time we have a booking, we do have feelings and yes, we get overwhelmed and super inspired to work harder every time we receive words and notes of thanks. When you do say thank you, remember that you are not only making the supplier happy, you are actually inspiring that supplier to work harder for others so definitely, you are also helping other couples receive the same level of service and dedication. :)

I also want to thank my other couples for their patience since I am not able to respond as quickly. Thank you for understanding that just like a mom, I had to give more attention to the kids, who needed me more the past days. You are the best! :)

For those who are still asking about the promo, yes, it's still ongoing... Please note it would not be possible without all the inspiring brides and grooms I had :) Below are the mechanics:

Monday, October 21, 2013

What's good for kids can be good for weddings, too!

Oct. 6, 2013
New World Hotel
Jensen and Hsin Ru

I just want to commend Thoffy and team for coming up with an inviting registration area. It made the guests feel right away that they are in for a well thought-out wedding programme. :)

Noteworthy parts of the programme: 

a) When we were ready to start, the entourage decided to spice up their march in by wearing props from Baicapture... :) 

b) Jensen and Hsin Ru wanted to ensure the enjoyment of guests -- including the younger members of invited families -- so they thought of having a "name that kiddie movie" contest. 

In order to pull this off, I had to enlist the assistance of my tech-savvy dad again. He downloaded the clips for me and converted them into a format I could use. Then, I took over, cut the clips such that I had only the parts that I really needed for the game (i.e. those without mention of the title in the dialogue). 

True enough, the guests enjoyed guessing the movies... They actually thought they would all win, until we hit them with a movie that wasn't such a big hit. I also made sure the dialogue would not be obvious. (We had video for the first 5, and just audio for the next 5.) 

We had one table winning the game, and of course, it was a young girl who provided the correct answer! Hurray for her! :) 

c) We also had a fun couple's game. At first, they were all solid and no one was getting taken out. The question that caused some to lose: "Who holds the remote control?"

d) Of course, great onsite AVPs were shown that night from c/o Osep and Mimi as well as Alt-x.

e) At the end of the programme, the couple requested for a group shot. Really nice of them to think of having a remembrance of the people who worked with them to achieve their big day plans. :)

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dance the night away!

Rocky and Jeni
Oct 5, 2013
Le Parc

Jeni wanted a memorable programme not just for her and her groom, Rocky, but more so for her guests. That's why she pulled out all the stops to make it happen. Aside from our frequent chats on Facebook wherein she asked me about all her wedding-related questions, she dutifully answered the workbook, and rehearsed with Rocky for their epic entrance and first dance. :) 

Why epic? First, they couldn't agree on what to do -- Jeni wanted to dance while Rocky wanted to sing. So the best resolution to the impasse was to have a combination of singing and dancing... :) 
They sang "Grow Old with You" coming into the venue. Of course, the guests cheered and clapped, but when they started dancing, we thought the whole venue would collapse because there was so much more cheering, clapping, and even dancing with the couple. Yup, some guests were dancing in their respective areas as well! :) 

Please forgive the pictures I took. I have links to their onsite AVPs below... :) 

After the first dance, Jeni was treated to a surprise by Rocky and his friends. They danced several hits of the 90's and the current era and even asked Jeni to join them while dancing "Gentleman". :) 

After so much energy from the first dance and the surprise dance number of the boys, their dear ninang quipped during her speech, "Eto na ang pinaka-masayang wedding na napuntahan ko..." :) 

This is the photo backdrop I made for them.
Because it is a celebration, they made sure it would be obvious upon entrance with the registration styling of Moki Gray. 

Below are pictures of other details: their VIP table, menu card, game card, and thank you card. :) Needless to say, everyone enjoyed the food from Josiah's Catering :)

They also had another letter for the guests which I helped them prepare. This was to encourage them to prepare for their themed group shot (in lieu of the usual wacky shot). Below is the picture of the group that won! :)
grabbed with permission from Jeni's FB account
Other noteworthy parts of the programme: 
a) name that tune contest: Everyone got into the groove of the game, even the VIPs. Oh, and yes, they won as well! :) 

b) beat the groom challenge: a drinking contest using drinks from their mobile bar :) I believe it was the best man who won this challenge because he came closest to beating the groom as he finished the drinks laid out before him. :) 

c) the entourage entrance where they did their best to dance and pose; they also took charge of the sparklers (with the guidance of the team of Infinite Events by Mr. and Mrs.) 

d) the instagram contest: When Di Anne showed me the winning entry, I told her to flash it using the live feed... Thus, people looked at the screen with bated breath.. hoping they would be declared the winner! :) 

e) the scavenger hunt: the winner was declared through raffle (based on all the cards of those who finished the tasks) 

f) the couples' game: pop the balloon challenge (which had all couples scampering to pop their balloons as fast as possible in order to avoid the consequence, i.e. the garter ceremony) 

g) great music from Rejectkrew

h) efficient projector and live feed services from Metrotech

Check out the following links: 

Superb onsite photo slideshow by Jayson and Joanne Arquiza:
Look for the photos of the entourage with the R Love J letters... super duper nice! :)

Great mix of serious and funny moments in the onsite video of Aisle 1401:
Look for the part where Jeni and Rocky are dancing, with Ninang dancing in the background... :)

They also had a behind the scenes shoot with Joanna Eduardo:
The actual prenup pictorial was done by Jayson and Joanne Arquiza. :)

So many people contributed to the success of this event including Dylan Gozum of Vatel Manila, for her vibrant bouquet; Mayone Bakunawa-Balbarin, her beautiful make-up artist; Chef Kiko, who made the cake, Bonbon Taffy, who prepared the candy buffet, and Flipbooks, which was such a box office hit among the guests. :)

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