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Monday, November 4, 2013

6 winners in 6 days!!!

6 days to go till we draw the winners' names... :) 
6 winners all in all :)

Kindly note the following:

*After November 12, 2013, regular rates will apply :)

One white, one pink... :) The pink one is actually a bridesmaid's kit but it
comes with all the essentials as well, except for the extra garter. :)  
*If you've signified your intention to book, but you haven't sent in your deposit slip and contract, please do so on or before the 12th, that way, the discount still applies. :)

*If you have booked, but you forgot to follow the blog and leave a comment, do so on or before the 12th... just so you can keep your discount :)

*Oh, yes, the emergency kit raffle is open to all brides -- whether booked with me or not :) Just check out the inclusive months below. :)

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