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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

The Nuances of a Morning Wedding

Are you truly prepared for your morning wedding? Here are some tips. 

1. Be ready to sleep extra early the day before and wake up extra early on your wedding day. Find ways to sleep on time  — oils work for me. (And yes, you can message me about these helpful oils.) You need rest because your wedding day will demand a lot from you. You don’t want to look half asleep in half your photos and video footage because you lost your energy midway. Plus sometimes make up doesn’t adhere well to the skin of someone who didn’t sleep much. 

2. Have what would help you and your preps mates (family, ento, suppliers) to stay awake in your prep room & your bridal emergency bag — food, coffee, mints, etc. In terms of meals, pls have a delivery service that can bring breakfast as early as needed. Don’t forget the suppliers’ lunch as well since you’ll all be at the reception that time. 

3. Choose colors that won’t cause the people to feel warm — have them wear colors that won’t absorb heat. Dark colors tend to keep the heat in. Since lots of shots will be taken under the sun — the couple + entourage — good idea to go for colors that won’t make them feel even warmer than how it really is. 

4. Have heavy cocktail time food to tide the guests over because usually lunch gets served late due to the need for a post nuptial shoot and retouch. This is especially true for weddings happening 10am onwards. For those happening at 9am, there’s a chance lunch won’t feel too late but prepare heavy cocktails as well. You don't want people to feel H-ANGRY while waiting. Usual wait time is 1.5 to 2 hours. (Besides, for us Filipinos, it’s better to hear that people got so full during our wedding than to hear them complain that they were hungry for the most part and couldn’t eat during the buffet part because of hyperacidity or whatever other condition.) 

Do not serve only nuts and chips only during their wait time. Some will make you feel how dismayed they are because they won’t clap and cheer during your grand entrance. 

5. Avoid having a long program, unless you’re having a really intimate wedding with people who are super close to you. The lunch crowd is more impatient perhaps due to lack of sleep, so avoid having too many messages, too many games, too many videos. (Oh and do not forego the led wall if your venue has a lot of windows without black out curtains. Don’t worry about the extra expense — you’ll get to see your photos and video in vivid colors + you don’t really need to spend much for alcoholic drinks during morning weddings.) 

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Friday, August 27, 2021

To Test or Not to Test? That is the Question.

Imagine doing an ento shoot — maskless — with one of your girls or boys as an asymptomatic carrier. Imagine how you will later on, after being exposed, have photos — maskless — — with your parents who have comorbidities. Imagine how you and the rest of the entourage will later on have photos with others — maskless. Imagine how later on they will go home to their families already carrying unwanted “passengers”. 

The antigen test is an additional layer of protection. No choice for the bride, the groom, their family members, and entourage, but to remove their masks during make up and the shoot — ok, for the later, there is a choice but most of the time the couple wishes to have memories of their big day sans covid; thus, the request to remove masks just for quick photo or video opportunities. Sometimes they even forget the new social norms & hug or beso upon seeing each other. At least with an antigen test the day before, they get to weed out those who could be sources of the virus. There are providers who send kits and do the tests via video calls.  Of course, it can also happen that their virus load won’t show up yet depending on days after exposure, but at least the couple gets to lessen that chance with an antigen test the day before. 

For suppliers, this will give them a chance to change particular team members who tested positive — without exposing others during transport. This will also prevent anyone positive from the hair and make up team from being in close contact with anyone maskless and vice versa. This is really difficult because theirs is the closest contact with all those who need make up and hair. Although the artists are wearing protection, they will still be facing people who are maskless. 

So is the extra expense worth it?  You decide. 

Note: It helps everyone if all people present are fully vaccinated because then the chance of the virus affecting one severely gets diminished. The vaccine though is not a replacement for wearing masks, social distancing, and applying other safety protocols. 

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Monday, August 16, 2021

Is moving your date the answer?

Covid 19 has been with us for almost a year and a half already. Based on pronouncements of those in the know, it will persist and mutate for as long as there are lots of unvaccinated individuals. Countries have to move fast to vaccinate, populations have to accept the need, etc. These basically mean that there are lots of factors we can’t control in the fight against covid. But we can focus on those that we can like strengthening our immune systems, getting vaccinated, observing safety protocols, praying, etc.

Based on experiences of those who decided on march, april, may, and august weddings last year and moved to the same months this year, moving dates did not ensure their weddings. They still got affected by surges, ecq pronouncements, etc. 

Believe me… We understand your fears, you may have comorbidities or family members who are susceptible. But you know moving and moving your date will not ensure that covid will not be around anymore, that another calamity is not waiting to happen. Life has so many challenges. We just have to find ways to deal with them. 

If you’re afraid, have nice food packs to be distributed after the short program. That way, no one is allowed to remove his or her mask. Your post nup will be after the short program that consists of only the important parts (around 45 mins tops right after the ceremony). Or you can have a first look so all couple shots are done prior to the ceremony. 

If you want people to eat in the venue, get a big venue so social distancing can be ensured. Have those who are highly susceptible join via online means. These are suggestions, of course, everything depends on your personal preferences. 

Now… decision time. 

Ask yourself: If Covid will be around all of next year, can you handle it? If not, then don’t move to a definite 2022 date yet. Ask your suppliers if the reservation fees you gave can be put on hold first. Then just be prepared for the new rates when you decide to push through — when covid is finally just a memory. 

This is better than moving to a definite date then moving again when the definite date is close by and you’re still feeling scared about the situation. The latter deprives other couples of the services of the suppliers who are being held by your reservation. 

{Note: this does not apply to those who need to move because of govt lockdown declarations.} 

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