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Friday, August 27, 2021

To Test or Not to Test? That is the Question.

Imagine doing an ento shoot — maskless — with one of your girls or boys as an asymptomatic carrier. Imagine how you will later on, after being exposed, have photos — maskless — — with your parents who have comorbidities. Imagine how you and the rest of the entourage will later on have photos with others — maskless. Imagine how later on they will go home to their families already carrying unwanted “passengers”. 

The antigen test is an additional layer of protection. No choice for the bride, the groom, their family members, and entourage, but to remove their masks during make up and the shoot — ok, for the later, there is a choice but most of the time the couple wishes to have memories of their big day sans covid; thus, the request to remove masks just for quick photo or video opportunities. Sometimes they even forget the new social norms & hug or beso upon seeing each other. At least with an antigen test the day before, they get to weed out those who could be sources of the virus. There are providers who send kits and do the tests via video calls.  Of course, it can also happen that their virus load won’t show up yet depending on days after exposure, but at least the couple gets to lessen that chance with an antigen test the day before. 

For suppliers, this will give them a chance to change particular team members who tested positive — without exposing others during transport. This will also prevent anyone positive from the hair and make up team from being in close contact with anyone maskless and vice versa. This is really difficult because theirs is the closest contact with all those who need make up and hair. Although the artists are wearing protection, they will still be facing people who are maskless. 

So is the extra expense worth it?  You decide. 

Note: It helps everyone if all people present are fully vaccinated because then the chance of the virus affecting one severely gets diminished. The vaccine though is not a replacement for wearing masks, social distancing, and applying other safety protocols. 

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