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Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Family-oriented Wedding

Last December 7, we started our wedding coordination countdown since we were down to our last three weddings before we officially went on hiatus as a team. I am still emceeing though, so this December, the story of my life can be summed up in one phrase, "daily events".

Christina booked me way back because her wedding was supposed to happen in March. However, since work concerns would prevent them from going home within the required time of the church; they decided to move to December 2012. It's a blessing, too, because the whole family can come home -- some are here in the Philippines, but there are also a lot of members in the US, along with Christina, her husband, and their cute daughter, the little bride. (Loved how she marched down the aisle on the day!!!)

It was a day of family love as everyone contributed to ensure a fun, fun day for Christina, Harrison, and Maleah. From bringing food, making sure transport would be ready, to providing jokes and punchlines at the right moment -- everyone really gave the day their best shot. To cap the night, they did a family extravaganza that started with the father - daughter dance followed by dance numbers and song numbers. There was a mother - son dance, too. The final segment had the whole family dancing on the lighted dance panels and a flash mob of relatives joining in to the tune of Psy's "Gangnam Style".

After her big day, Christina sent me this:

It was a day that had a lot of details -- including fireworks and lots of performers, but it was made easier by the family members who didn't treat us as mere suppliers. Thank you again! :)

Kudos to the other suppliers... job well done!

Superb photos and onsite AVP from James Limsoc. An SDE that truly captured the best scenes and mood of the day from Cinemaworks.  Great bridal make-up by Pong Niu with added details from Banggo Niu -- hair pieces, bracelets, and earrings. Super pretty flowers from Vatel Manila. Thematic set-up and great food from K by Cunanan Catering. Thank you for all the help, Macy and Kar. :)

Brenan did an amazing job singing the groom's march as well as the bridal march. The church choir that the family brought in made sure the mass songs would be sung with angelic voices. Music Box, thank you for the accompaniment and the great performance during dinner. Francis Day, thank you for keeping the crowd focused and entertained. Michael, thank you prepping the entourage so they could dance as they were called in... :)

Partypics, Flair up, and Alvarez Cars, thank you for being professional, as always. Printsonalities, thank you for the patience on the invite revisions. Impress prints, Eyzel, Chocolate Confections, and Theo and Philo, good job on the deliverables. Scenta Flora, loved how you did the floral upgrade. Thank you also to the one who did the make-up of the entourage and the moms -- a lot of heads, but you finished on time... :) Tito Boy, ikaw na... ang designer ng lahat ng ento... Thank you... :)

Veejay, thank you for sending manang over, and of course, thank you for making the bride and groom look even more charming... pretty and handsome na sila to begin with, but the attires made them more blooming and dashing!

Dragon fireworks, you truly wow-ed the crowd that night. (And you made James lie down on the cement pavement for some time -- ang haba ng show! Everyone felt even more festive... :)

*** I hope I didn't forget anyone. Truly, the success of the day depended on all suppliers pulling their part of the load. Thank you to my team... I know what I asked was not easy -- to be on your toes from 7AM to 10PM, but you did well. Thank you, Ari, John, Warren, Kristine, Ace, and Queen. :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Loving my job... :)

It's a busy... busy... busy time... but messages like these make the work all the more worthwhile... :) Thank you to my dear brides for taking time to send messages... :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Countdown with OBB

This countdown with OBB was prepared for Ilene and Kris, whose union was solemnized last Nov. 23, 2012. The reception programme took place in Fernwood's Venue 1. It was great how the couple pulled off their grand entrance -- they went down the stairs, danced at the corner of the L-shaped carpet, then moved to the dance area through choreographed steps. We prepared a medley mp3 for the last part. Definitely, the guests appreciated all the time, effort, and resources that went into preparing for the said "grand entrance to first dance segment" of the programme... :) 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thank you, Elvin and Jam! :)

Elvin and Jam got really good suppliers to make sure their reception in Glass Garden would be a blast... among them: K by Cunanan Catering, Rejectkrew, Daniel Lei Studios, Anima Choir, and Metrotech. Vatel Manila's bouquet was, of course, part of the grand entrance and the group pictorials. The gown created by Clayton was really, really nice especially because it complemented the body structure of the bride super perfectly. Loved the way Kar and Macy worked to make the wedding styling match the couple's invitation -- down to the turtles on the menu board. Lei's SDE captured the happiness of the couple, such that up to now, I haven't gotten over the cheerfulness of Jam throughout the whole wedding. Rejectkrew and Metrotech made sure nothing out of place came out. Of course, the lighting was also superb. 

Since they had their friends (led by Karen) doing coordination work, I gave a detailed programme with notes on what's needed per part. We also had a meeting prior to the big day so that all expectations could be discussed. We went through everything -- even what we assistance was needed for the games. I emailed a lyrics sheet with instructions and handed over a copy to Elvin and Anima so we would all be on the same page for the grand entrance. Loved how they completed both the singing entrance and the dance they planned... :) 

I must commend the family and friends of Jam and Elvin for really shouting out the numbers as we did the personalized countdown -- they truly communicated their love for the couple. Kudos to the dads who gamely answered the remaining trivia questions as I asked the winners to pose with the couple for pictures. Of course, I will never forget the bride's father's speech as he ended with reminding Elvin of the 5 words Elvin should never forget: 

Yes, Dear... 
You are right!

Thank you again, Jam and Elvin, for giving me your full trust and confidence... :) Thank you, too, for the gift... :) 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thank you, Darwin and Stacey! :)

Thanks so much for this touching message, Stacey and Darwin... :) Yours was really a wedding that had an outpouring of love from family and friends -- the speakers communicated the sentiments of the crowd... :) 

Thank you, too, for the "red gift"... :) Truly appreciate it... :) 

Loved how the parents gamely answered the trivia questions... :) 

Kudos to all the suppliers who worked behind the scenes... (in no particular order) 
a) the pretty and sweet wedding dress -- Gretchen Pichay (complemented by the make-up of MJ Aquino)
b) the touching onsite AVPs -- Lai for ImagineNation and Kris Matanguihan
c) the great musical scoring and lights -- Rejectkrew
d) the attentive staff who played the AVPs at the right time -- Metrotech
e) the photobooth that kept everyone entertained -- Baicapture
f) the beautiful music with the powerful voice of Jenny -- Bernie Pasamba
g) the efficient work of Marianne Chua and her team (including her hubby who was really hands on) 
h) the hardworking staff of Crowne Plaza and their head waiter, whose name escapes me at the moment (but he did really well as Captain Waiter) 

Overcoming "shyness"... :)

This is not actually an article about overcoming shyness... it's more of a tribute to two couples who did so well during their respective first dances last week.

I was in awe of how Roger and Lea pulled off their first dance. They asked me to make a spliced mp3, but they didn't give me feedback after. They just told me that they will practice. So it was really so surprising for me and their wedding coordinator, Ms. Ria Madamba of One Wish, that they started in front of the couple's area, and they danced all the way to the end of the aisle. I think this decision to get creative with the aisle made the guests appreciate the dance all the more -- after all, they had their reception in Glass Garden and usually, the guests at the back feel that they are too far from the couple. At least, with the first dance, they were able to make the guests at the back see them and their moves up close. Their steps were not very fancy, but the excitement and the desire to make everyone see them as they dance caused everyone to get energized. This was no mean feat, because theirs was a lunch reception!

With Luzelle and Jaycob, I knew there was a choreographer who would do the mixing of songs and the steps, but they didn't really discuss how the dance would be. Jaycob was very quiet during our first meeting, so I was a bit scared that he would be shy on the dance floor. On our final meeting, Jaycob was airing his views more openly and I figured that it's a good sign. As they started dancing, I could see Luzelle whispering instructions, but I saw in Jaycob a man who decided to overcome his shyness so he could make his bride happy and yes, that was enough to make the dance so electrifying! By the time they got to their gangnam style steps, the whole Whitespace was thundering with cheers and applause. Talk about making the wait, i.e. the cocktail period, worthwhile! :) (Yes, they also had a photobooth, canapes and other food items from K by Cunanan Catering, and Elations to keep the guests entertained, but I think the dance really communicates to guests how much a couple values them -- that they would spend time to practice and they would overcome their "shyness" and anxiety just to perform for them.)

My biggest regret? I was transfixed and forgot to take videos of the dances -- even if I had my iphone with me... But then again, that's still a testament to how great the dances were, even if I have been emceeing and coordinating for some time now, their dances still got me awe-struck!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thank you, Jay and Karen!

Thank you, Jay and Karen...

a) for choosing a great team of suppliers to handle your wedding (Events Malditas, Erron Ocampo, Phoeben Teocson, Chichi Sotomil, Rejectkrew, Maja of Passion Cooks)... :) 
b) for being so thoughtful and even giving a gift... :) 

and most of all... 

c) for being so gracious throughout the preparation process... :)

Some may wonder why I noted A... well, because an emcee who goes into a reception needs the support of every supplier. For instance, if an emcee announces the names of the bride and groom for the grand entrance, he/she needs the coordinator to ensure that the bride and groom would really enter at that point, the sound system would play the right song, and the lights technicians would make the atmosphere even more festive. During the games, he/she needs the coordinators to help with the formation of the people, with giving props, and of course, with distributing prizes. He/She also needs the onsite photo and the same day edit to be ready when needed; thus, having photo and video teams that work according to the set time frame makes the program run smoothly and without hitches. :)

On the 6th of October, everyone did their tasks like clockwork... Karen and Jay had a few pictures, then they were off to the able hands of Chichi for retouch and the waiters of Passion Cooks for their light dinner, the entourage did their best to accomplish the requirement of the countdown AVP, i.e. to reach the dance area in 15 seconds, pretty Gen Teocson declared the SDE ready towards the end of dinner; Erron also finished his onsite photo a few minutes after. Elmer did his usual magic with music and lights. The basketball hoops of the Events Malditas were truly challenging...  but Jay really helped the bachelors visualize how they would have to shoot those balls. Hehe! :) 

Jay and Karen were great because they really finished the templates before coming home and facing the hustle and bustle of the week before the big day. They also gave me the needed pictures and songs on time. Wow! They also did their best to perform a great first dance and gamely did what was needed for the program -- even to the point of buying lots of prizes... :) Oh, and I must mention their cutie invitation which really gave the guests a way to know what attire is expected of each one. Congrats and Best Wishes once again! :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thank you, Jackie and Ricci :)

Thank you for the gifts, Jackie and Ricci... and most of all, thank you for the messages that made my day... :)

Your wedding is one that I will always remember because of...

a) the warmth everyone exuded... :)
b) the speeches that designated individuals really prepared for... :)
c) the unique dance number of Ricci... he really prepared for the garter moment... wow! :)
d) the super creative videos created by the groom... :)
e) the touching onsite edit... :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Aaron & Abby

            Thank you, Aaron and Abby, for taking time to send me a message the following day. I know the day after is always busy, so I truly, truly appreciate the gesture... :) 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sharing... :)

                   We used these last Saturday, 8 September 2012. Aside from personalising the programme, we also try and customize some paraphernalia for the couple as well. :) 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Growing-up AVP... :)

One option to make the growing-up AVP more than a slideshow of pictures is to add notes and messages... :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In case you want to give away slippers...

Some brides are really thoughtful... :)

One of my brides had a coffee bar and gave away coffee tumblers so guests can take their coffee with them as they traveled back to Manila. Perhaps, thoughtfulness runs in their barkada, because her friend decided to give away slippers to female guests who may be tired of wearing heels after the ceremony. However, there's a superstitious belief regarding slippers, so I decided to make a little poem to explain to guests why they needed to give coins in exchange for the slippers they were getting from the baskets. 

Yup, I'm looking forward to the wedding of their friend... :) 

Monday, September 3, 2012

A touching text... :)

Going to events on weekends and being away from family becomes so much more worthwhile when I receive messages like the one below. It really is extra touching when clients treat their suppliers like family and even go out of their way to text or email a message after their events. (I already consider it so touching when I receive words of gratitude and affirmation right after the event, so imagine how appreciated I truly feel when I even receive an email or a message a day or so after all has been said and done.) Thank you, Ma'am Maricor. :) 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Going the Extra Mile for Guests

I've had my share of clients who go the extra mile for their guests. They are the ones who give their weddings their best shot... and I'm not talking about expenses. I'm talking about how they go to great lengths to personalize and make the travel to their venues worth the guests' time and effort. Brides usually go for DIYs, little things that guests can take home, creative stuff that guests like to take pictures of, prizes for games, etc. Grooms, on the otherhand, usually go for program changes, program add-ons, etc. Some even volunteer to perform! :)

Let me talk about what I've witnessed so far:

1) The Medley Dance
This happens right after the entrance. Prior to the big day, the bride and groom choose around 3 to 5 songs for the medley. The songs chosen usually represent different generations, that way everyone gets to relate to the dance at a certain point.

Some brides and grooms even involve me by giving me the songs they like so I can combine all mp3s for them. Sometimes, they tell me where to cut, but sometimes, I determine how many seconds per song would be performed. Either way, we ensure a lot of applause... :)

2) Dancing down the aisle

One of my couples really did this! They launched into the dance while walking to the real dance area in front of the guests. They really surprised their guests, who, in turn, cheered them on... :)

Tip: You can do this, too, if you have a long aisle.

3) The Romantic Duet

This one entails that one enter before the other depending on the lyrics. Usually though, it's the groom who enters first. My husband and I did this for our wedding. We asked Sound Salad to sing while my students did their ballet number at the center. As the voice changed, the guests realized my husband was coming in singing. After he sang, I came in and sang as well, then we gave Sound Salad the floor to finish the song. My students also finished their choreographed number.

a) print the lyrics so the parts are clear -- who sings what part (bride, groom, professional singer) 
b) have the musicians play the song, that way, they can adjust the tempo a bit or sing for the bride/groom in case something unexpected happens
c) have the coord check the path of the bride and groom (if in case there are obstacles along the way)   -- in my case, as I sang, I could not find a clear path to the center since I had tables of guests as well as the cake table in front of me. 
d) remember that you (as bride/groom) are holding the mic for a reason, i.e. upon being called, you are supposed to sing (not enter and wave to the crowd while your song is playing in the background... hehe!) 

4) Romantic Duet and Dance

Sometimes, brides and grooms opt to do a dance using the same song as their duet, because when they get to the center, they can give their mics to the coordinator or the emcee, and do the waltz as the singer of the band/quartet takes over.

5) Dancing with the Entourage

This one has to have the "connivance" of the entourage. And contrary to what most people think, it consists of simple steps; thus, it doesn't require a lot of rehearsal hours. All they really need is this immense love for the bride and groom... wink!

At a certain part of the song, the bride and groom can come in and join the entourage. Some even choose to "run in"... but that depends on the weight of the gown and the shoes the bride is wearing, also the layout of the venue.

Prior to the start of the program, we collaborate with the entourage regarding where they can stay while waiting for their cue. We also talk about where the couple will come from and what they need to do after their final pose, i.e. to walk down the side aisles so that they don't block the camera as the bride and groom begin their romantic waltz.

Yes, usually, the dance with the entourage is followed by the more traditional waltz. :)

Other ways by which the couple can surprise the guests are as follows: 

a) a choreographed dance of the bride with her father (and/or the groom with his mother)

b) a choreographed family dance

c) a flash mob type of dance to end the program with the couple

d) joining the couples' game

e) having a raffle

f) preparing AVPs that have actual stories and/or messages

The list goes on. I'm sure there are more and more creative couples out there who have surprises up their sleeves... :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another touching message... :)

Architects living and working in Singapore don't really have a lot of free time; thus, I am truly thankful to Anna and Dennis for taking time to write this note and for even sending all the links to their albums and videos. They are indeed one of my sweetest couples. :)

I coordinated together with my team and emceed her program... If she had asked, I probably would have taken on other roles as well... She's the kind of lady I can't say no to because she is just so nice. :) 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thank you, Team! :)

Last March, my teammates surprised me with a birthday cake and a frame which had reasons relating to why I am a perfect boss, friend, planner, etc. It was an effort on their part to collate and layout the responses, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the perfect boss; thus, I am truly grateful. :) 

Since I decided to go on hiatus (coordination) and focus on emceeing, I have not seen most of my teammates for a month now. I truly miss them, so today, I'd like to make my top 10 tribute for them.  

You are the perfect 10 teammates because: 

1) You give your heart and soul to every wedding. 

2) You work 14, 15, and even 18 hours straight during a wedding without complaining even if you have day jobs and I know there are times when you'd rather spend your weekend in bed -- getting extra hours of sleep and rest. 

3) You sincerely apologize when you feel you've made a mistake. 

4) You move fast even if we are on our 14th hour and we haven't had any decent meal since the previous day. 

5) You work like clockwork; thus, negating the dependence on 2-way radios. 

6) You give credence to my very detailed instructions by underlining/highlighting your parts and really striving to do each of them according to the given sequence. 

7) You have adopted the highest standards not just because you want to please me, but because you know a wedding is "once-in-a-lifetime" for the couple. You genuinely want them to remember the day with big smiles on their faces. 

8) You ALL work on the day. Walang coord na for display purposes lang. At hindi rin for display purposes lang ang clipboard na hawak niyo. 

9) As much as you can, you strive to avoid giving me excuses, rather you think of ways to achieve what the couple wants -- despite various constraints. 

For the 10th note, I'd like to go personal... 

Ari, I can't thank you enough for making things happen and for troubleshooting especially during reception preps. Even if you're given only 2 hours by certain venues, you strive to make it appear like you had the whole day to prepare. Thank you for reminding me when I forget things, thank you for giving me peace of mind that the reception area will be ok when guests arrive simply because you are at the helm. Thank you for giving your extra creative touch, and most of all, thank you for staying nice and polite even when the going gets rough. 

Ace, thank you for working hard at being a church lead. You don't just look for necessary individuals, you tirelessly orient them and make sure they know what to do. I used "tirelessly" because a) some don't remember what we told them when the cameras are trained at them, and b) some think they know better and would even give impolite responses. Thank you for doing your part all throughout the mass. I know even if I don't get to church on time, the march and everything else will go smoothly because you're there and you know what to do. 

Robin, thank you for the extra burst of cheer you bring to every wedding and for teaching all of us to do the tasks with a smile. Thank you for taking up the cudgels for Ari and stepping up whenever needed -- covering not only for your team, but for the people who go missing at crucial points. I know you strive hard to do what you're supposed to do and more. Thank you for that. 

Tine, thank you for being the right mix of kindness and "sungit-ness", your unique persuasive abilities have come in handy more times than I can count -- from church personnel to little bearers and flower girls, no one can resist your charm. Thank you, too, for being the ever trusty church second lead and property custodian. I know things will go from church to reception venue even if I don't double check. 

Warren, thank you for being there to take on different roles -- from taking care of the groom's side during preps, to doing various church and reception duties, to handling the sound system when the manong goes missing, to driving for everyone... Jack of all trades! When the going gets rough, I know I can count on you to be by my side -- "protector cousin mode". Thank you for that. 

John, thank you for taking your tasks to heart and for reminding others of their task lists when needed. Thanks for driving and meeting the pressure of time requirements vs. traffic head on. Although you argue with me, you've shown that in the end, you're my brother and you will be there to protect me and stand by me when the situation calls for it. Merely "standing tall" beside me is enough... Thank you. 

Queen, from giving your all to assist the bride to going beyond as you help sew problematic gowns, cut off brownish edges of petals (bouquets), and create personalized matches on the day of the wedding, you've really shown how you've taken weddings to heart. Despite extra heavy ruffled trains, dumbbell bouquets, and extra difficult pictorial areas, you've managed to smile and work through it all... Thank you for that. 

To all those who joined the team at the beginning and who are still there to help when needed, thank you so much... my appreciation for your efforts is really beyond words... :) 

Ari, Ace, Tine, Robin, John, Warren, and Queen, see you in two weeks! :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Thank you, too! :)

Just want to share the FB post of one of our couples... :)

Their wedding transpired on an extremely rainy Saturday afternoon. As my husband navigated through inundated streets, I kept praying for assistance. It didn't help boost my confidence that even the entrance to the village had a flooded area we needed to cross in order to get to the gate. I feared that people might leave right away, but the rain eventually stopped -- ambon-ambon na lang. :)

As I started my countdown AVP to begin the program, I felt so overwhelmed by the sheer support the people gave -- they were really shouting out the numbers as these were flashed on the screen, clapping and cheering for those being called in, etc. The atmosphere was so charged and happy that I could not help but wonder how everyone had that much energy considering the gloomy weather. Needless to say, that will always be one of my most memorable programmes of 2012. :)

Congratulations and Best Wishes again, Michael and Rhina... :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

To the one who taught me how to emcee...

Towards the end of my kinder schoolyear, I was asked to emcee the graduation program. My mom, pregnant and all, was there to give her all out support. During one of the practice sessions, my class adviser caught a candid moment on camera -- that of my mom teaching me how to deliver the contents of the script.

Today is her fourth death anniversary, but it seems like it was only a few weeks ago that she hugged me before she breathed her last. I still call on her for help when I don't know what to do and miraculously, answers come. I know she's watching over us, and she's our extra special guardian angel.

However, I still can't help but say, I miss you, Mama... wish you didn't have to leave so soon...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On People's Participation in the Program

Wedding Singers: 
There are friends who want to serve as singers as well. And though of course, we want to give each singer-friend his/her chance, we do need to limit to around 2 to 3 songs, unless they are willing to sing while everyone else is eating. :)

Most notable are the singer-friends who really have great voices. They add value to the program and cause people to stay because people want to hear those who can truly sing better than they do. Last weekend, the couple chose to have their friend sing and I must commend them... their friend really has a golden voice. Last year, I had a little boy who performed for everyone. No one went home while he was singing, rather people stood up to watch closely. That's how awesome he was!

Needless to say...
It's also important for these friends to choose songs which aren't just couple favorites, rather songs that people can relate to. That means, they should go for classics and avoid tunes which border on rock. Why? Because when the ballroom/pavilion/reception area becomes too noisy, people leave -- after all, they've eaten already. They don't need to stay and have their eardrums tortured.

Choose those who are close to you, but give them ample time to prepare. Don't surprise them on the day when the emcee calls for them. Tell them that you need them to speak during the reception and ask them to prepare but to kindly avoid reading the whole speech. They can hold on to the paper but try to speak without looking at it. (the same way you are advised to avoid reading your vows so you can look your partner in the eye)

Tell friends to keep inside jokes to a minimum since they aren't speaking only to you, but to the whole audience. The audience should be able to understand what they are saying so that the audience will listen.

A good rule of thumb is to keep speeches within the 1 to 2-minute mark. That way, the speaker leaves the audience wanting more, so to speak.

Game Participants:
They can add value to the program if they are chosen well. They should be the type who are willing to play -- not too shy, please. :) Also, choose a game which your guests can easily understand. That way, they are willing to watch and listen. Think of your space constraints as well. If you have very little space, use this as a limiting factor when choosing from your list of possible games.

Bride and Groom:
a) Remember your entrance details. You can forget everything else -- the speakers' names, the singers' names, etc. But... DO... NOT... FORGET... your entrance details. If you are supposed to enter singing, don't enter and smile and wave at everyone and forget to start singing. If you are supposed to open the door for the bride, because she should enter at a certain point, don't forget her either. (And if the groom/bride tends to be forgetful, advise the coord, maybe they can make signs and raise them up so the groom/bride would be reminded to go and pick up your partner now!

b) If you can prepare a choreographed dance, even if you just copied the steps in youtube, go for it. This is not just for your video. It's also for the guests to feel how well you prepared for the program. They will be willing to stay because they will think that there must be more up your sleeve and they should stick around to find out.

c) Prepare your speeches -- the welcome speech as well as the farewell speech. We are asking everyone else to prepare, so definitely, you, being the stars of the show, are not exempt from preparing.

d) During the pictorial and buffet process, always remember that there are other table occupants waiting for you to finish your pictorials with the current table's occupants. Thus, keep the chitchat to a minimum. Otherwise, you will cause some to just stand and go straight to the buffet without going to your area for pictorials.

e) Prepare your prizes. You've asked guests to prepare by dressing formally. You made them go to church and wait for your march. You asked them to wait again at the reception because you will have your pictorials as a couple. You should at least make their participation worth their while by giving prizes that they can appreciate and use. Avoid having games without prizes... please... :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Emceeing promo ends...

Those who still wish to avail of the emceeing promo rates have until the end of July 2012 to book... :)

If you would like to get a copy of the promo flyer, please email your names, date, time of reception, and venue of reception to :)

Thank you to all those who already booked... :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

On Personalizing the Programme

Once you invite a friend/relative/family member to your wedding reception, you are asking that person to exert effort to attend your party. Think about it... that person will not go to the party looking shabby, so definitely, that person will go to the mall, look for something appropriate, and well, spend money to look good. You also need to take into consideration the traffic the person will need to go through just to see you walk down the aisle, and bring your gift to the reception -- even if it's just the gift of their presence.

Make it worth their while! (And I'm not talking about the food that will be served by your caterer... )

Don't give them a "run-of-the-mill" programme. You can always collaborate with your emcee. Of course, it will take some effort on your part to prepare your entrance, your prizes, etc., but at the end of the day, remember... it's your wedding and it's once-in-a-lifetime! Give it your best shot! (You'll never be that young again... :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On Pro Emcees

Now that I'm going into the field of emceeing full time, I realized, there are certain points that distinguish professionals from those who just do emceeing for the fun of it:

a) professionals know and take to heart that a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so they get involved in the planning and help couples come up with the most appropriate program -- given their personalities and the guest profile

b) they look at all aspects of the venue so they know where to stand and when to introduce an AVP (for instance, if the venue is all glass and it's still sunny outside, showing an AVP might not be a good idea, especially if after a while, the sun will set anyway)

c) they share the limelight with fellow suppliers -- recognizing the important people in the background -- as they go on with the program (for instance, one can mention the cake supplier during cake cutting or the band when the dinner or party set is about to start)

d) they are more than aware of the fact that they are not the stars of the show, rather they make sure the bride and groom become the center of attention (because it's their day!!!)

e) they prepare for the program -- music is critical, cuing people with parts through the coordinators is also imperative, getting all materials ready prior to games is also important. They ask the coordinators about such matters and avoid leaving things to chance.

f) they work fast and encourage others to follow the schedule as well. Why? Because guests get fidgety. They don't want an empty ballroom by the time they announce the onsite.

g) they think of add-ons to make the program more thematic, more enjoyable for guests, etc.

h) they walk the couple through the program so that the couple knows what to expect and how to prepare for the program as well (materials, prizes, people with parts)

i) they leave no stone unturned to come up with a program that will be memorable for the couple

j) they come on time -- to do a run through with the coords in case there are changes/add-ons/deletions  -- and they don't rush to leave because they space their receptions/bookings appropriately

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

On hiatus...

It's really touching that...
- people are still inquiring about our coordination packages despite our hiatus announcement last February through this blog and through the kindness of Ms. Benz in W@W
- people often take time to write to us just to let us know they agree with our decision to let go of coordination in favor of spending more time with family

Thank you to all those who gave us votes of confidence. They truly, truly mean a lot to me. :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Nuptial Mass

Sometimes, couples pay more attention to the reception details than the ceremony details. However, the ceremony is the heart of the wedding day... after all, it's the exchange of "I do's"... :)

Some tips:
a) orient your parents
     - that there will be a stopping point
     - that they should not have their backs turned on you as you come in (i.e. when they stop, they should move aside)
     - that they should expect a lot of cameras trained towards their direction, but they shouldn't get so affected as to forget the first and second points above

b) orient the groom
     - let him know what is expected: he will walk, he will take his parents with him, he will not leave them hanging there (hehe!)
     - let him know, too, that when you reach the front pew, he should first greet your parents before he takes you to the altar
     - when he takes you to the altar, he is on your right

c) remember
     - to read the missalette ahead of time so you are familiar with the contents (if you need to prepare personal vows, do so, and if you can, memorize them a bit so that you are not always staring at the paper when it's time to say it in front of your partner)
     - to speak clearly when responding to the priest
     - to throw a fit if there's no audio and the priest refuses to stop the proceedings (you paid, you ought to get your money's worth -- that is the best time to be a bridezilla, if you ask me)
     - to kneel when it's time to put the veil and cord and to remain kneeling until they take it off (yup, even if the commentator says, "please stand"...)
     - to lessen the chit chat during the pictorial set-up per group, otherwise, there might be some groups that would end up being bumped off because there's no more time

d) before you go for various gimmicks...
     - check if the church allows your choice of gimmick (balloons, poppers, petals, placards, etc.)
     - if the church does allow it, check if you have the manpower for it and if your guests would cooperate
     - remember to reserve some gimmicks for your reception and for your siblings who will get married after you... ;-)

e) of readers and offerers
     - pick those who read well and who really go to mass so they are less nervous and they know that wearing a short, spaghetti-strapped dress will earn them the ire of the church manang
     - pick offerers who will come on time so they can be told where to sit and when to stand for offertory preps

Yup, the nuptial mass is more than the grand entrance of the bride, although it is a very integral part of Filipino culture to watch out for this part... :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Of Facebook and Birthdays... :)

Yesterday was my birthday. Hehe! :)

As greetings poured in through Facebook, and I read various notes addressing me as...
a) Darlene
b) Dar
c) Darls
d) Ms. D
e) Ms. Darlene
f) Ms. Tan
g) Mrs. Salazar
(I hope I didn't forget anything... ok, maybe... Mrs. Tan - Salazar... :)

I realized how much my life has evolved, and I ended up reflecting on the many individuals whose lives have touched mine (and I'd like to believe vice versa). I'm certainly looking forward to the next chapter... :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One year after... :)

It's really touching to receive notes right after weddings. We know brides and grooms are already busy with their honeymoon preps yet they would take time to drop us a line on our Facebook wall or through SMS.

It's even more touching when couples remember us a year after... Here's one of the touching notes we received almost one year to the date we handled their special day.

HI Darl and Perfect 10 Team,

It's been almost a year since Trev and I got married in the Philippines.(Time flies so fast!)   I know it's super late but wanted to say super duper thanks for excellent job you guys have done for our special day. Trev would often tell me that hiring you guys was one of the best decisions we ever made.  You guys made our day trully special and memorable!

Thank you again  guys!

God Bless!

Trev and Leah Hansford

Monday, February 27, 2012

Before 2011 ended... :)

Before 2011 ended, we handled the wedding of this super sweet couple... :) The groom was a bit shy so we opted for a different kind of entrance for the entourage as well as the couple... that way, we still got to surprise the guests but we didn't necessarily need to make them dance or sing... :)

Thanks for this note, Alen and Lenard... :)

Dear Ms. Darlene & Team,
It's almost 2 months since we've got married. We just wanted to thank you for doing outstanding job for our wedding. I can't begin to tell you how many compliments I have received for your work most especially the way you handle the wedding program. Thank you once again for making our wedding extremely memorable.
Thanks again. We will never forget you Ms. Darlene because the entire P10W team are the best! :)
Mr. & Mrs. Munsayac

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Touching E-mail... :)

Hi Darlene -
Apologies for not being able to walk towards your table yesterday. I noticed that you were with your husband and I didn't want to disrupt your dinner. :) It was so nice seeing you again (and we got the chance to talk to your brother din pala outside). :)
Sorry it took me so long to write you a thank you note but from the bottom of our 2 hearts (that became 1)...we would like to thank you and your team for all your help during our wedding. Gaya nga nung time when kris asked me to be his girlfriend 9 years ago - your team is truly perfect (he proposed kasi 10/10). :) I just read your email to Ms. Benz from W@W and I had mixed emotions...I feld happy because (1) for selfish reasons na happy ako because we were still able to get you as our coordinator and emcee; and (2) happy ako kasi you will be able to spend quality time with your family. Pero I also felt sad because I really do feel that there are still alot of brides out there who would be lucky to have you as their coordinator. You are truly a gift to us brides (and grooms).
You make a very very good host as well. I wish you good luck and with your talent, you will definitely make it big as a host. :) There were a few people who asked me after I posted my reviews at W@W about your hosting capabilities and I really can speak only good things about were brillant!
Again, million, bazillion thank you and the next time I see you in an event, I'll find a way to approach you na. :)
Kris and Rog
Shrine of St. Therese/Blue Leaf

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Medium... :)

I thought about the best V-day gift I could give the man who literally waited years till the point when he felt worthy enough to reveal his feelings and propose. I knew the answer wouldn't be in any mall outlet. After all, what he wants is more time with me -- something I have not been able to give in the two years we've been married because I've been busy coordinating weddings. Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming our couples. In fact, I love them to bits. :)

When I began coordinating, I only had one goal in mind -- to help stressed out couples. Those who know how disappointed I was at the coordination done during my wedding would know that I just really wanted to prove to myself that coordination can be done well not because one is uber talented/intelligent, but because one cares a lot for the couple and how they spent time, effort, and resources to have their special day. I didn't have marketing plans. I just offered a service through w@w, because I was and will always be a w@wie at heart. I didn't even think I'd get more than 10 couples. But 8 months after we began the service, we were voted into the Top 10 of Weddings at Work. It really amazed me. :)

However, I do need to find a happy medium between the sense of fulfillment I get after every wedding day and the time my husband and other members of our respective families request of me. I, of all people, should know that time spent with family is priceless. After all, I lost my mom to cancer. But I can say, with my head held high, that there were no words left unsaid for we spent almost all our time together from the time I was born, till the time she embraced me one last time minutes before she passed on.

I am praying that just as couples gave me a chance to prove my mettle as a coordinator and coordinator-emcee from 2010 to the present, there will also be couples who will give me the same trust as a wedding emcee working with their team of coordinators.  So yes, I do want to still be of help to couples, albeit through emceeing. And yes, I will have to say "so long" to the world of coordinating for the time being. 

All couples who are already booked with us for coordination need not worry. We will give the same loving dedication to your wedding. After all, I've walked down the same aisle... I know how it feels... :)

Those who wish to see our emceeing package, please do not hesitate to email I infused it with my coordination gifts... simply because I know I will miss coordination, and I know, there are couples who will also benefit from the knowledge I've gleaned through the past weddings I've done. :)

Since it's the 15th today and I'm celebrating my birthday on the 15th of the next month, the promo price shall be for 15 slots as well. :) 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Something Touching... :)

From our Jan. 5, 2012 couple, Charlie and Glycell... :)

It was google who led me to Darlene. I went through her website and just like love-at-first, I knew we’re destined to be. On that same night that I knew about her, my husband told me that a friend he met hours ago recommended Darlene Tan – Salazar. The following morning, I emailed her to inquire. Unfortunately, she said that her wedding anniv is a day before our wedding date so she cannot take it. Without any hesitation I told her that I felt so sad and I cried when I read her email. She consulted Emman and thankfully Emman let her take our booking.
As the name of her company says, she really makes weddings more than perfect. She is smart, well-organized, responds to emails fast, and she commands respect from her team. It takes more than being nice and organized to execute a perfect wedding. Darlene is committed to what she’s doing. She has the leadership to pull a team who can function on their own. She has established reputation that she only needs to snap her fingers and people will follow her instructions.
During the wedding day, we were all relaxed. If there were some glitches that happened, they didn’t come to our attention anymore. Even if she was constantly on her phone, she never sent that worry feeling. She just made us feel that everything is just fine. When she told me that there are some technical issues with the photobooth, she said in a reassuring tone that they are working on it to be up and running.
Darlene is always quick to think of solutions. While in the reception, it turned out that our SDE is not ready yet. As she was also our emcee, she suddenly came up with a trivia game where we had a blast.
She is trustworthy. We trust her to the extent that we had no second thoughts of passing to her all of our guests’ cash gifts while we enjoyed the party. I think we gave her a bit of a pressure there…hehehe
Everybody loves her. Our guests have nothing but good words about her. I can go on and on about how perfect she is but on top of her intelligence and kindness, she’s so pretty.
Regards to your team and all the best to you guys!