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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Nuptial Mass

Sometimes, couples pay more attention to the reception details than the ceremony details. However, the ceremony is the heart of the wedding day... after all, it's the exchange of "I do's"... :)

Some tips:
a) orient your parents
     - that there will be a stopping point
     - that they should not have their backs turned on you as you come in (i.e. when they stop, they should move aside)
     - that they should expect a lot of cameras trained towards their direction, but they shouldn't get so affected as to forget the first and second points above

b) orient the groom
     - let him know what is expected: he will walk, he will take his parents with him, he will not leave them hanging there (hehe!)
     - let him know, too, that when you reach the front pew, he should first greet your parents before he takes you to the altar
     - when he takes you to the altar, he is on your right

c) remember
     - to read the missalette ahead of time so you are familiar with the contents (if you need to prepare personal vows, do so, and if you can, memorize them a bit so that you are not always staring at the paper when it's time to say it in front of your partner)
     - to speak clearly when responding to the priest
     - to throw a fit if there's no audio and the priest refuses to stop the proceedings (you paid, you ought to get your money's worth -- that is the best time to be a bridezilla, if you ask me)
     - to kneel when it's time to put the veil and cord and to remain kneeling until they take it off (yup, even if the commentator says, "please stand"...)
     - to lessen the chit chat during the pictorial set-up per group, otherwise, there might be some groups that would end up being bumped off because there's no more time

d) before you go for various gimmicks...
     - check if the church allows your choice of gimmick (balloons, poppers, petals, placards, etc.)
     - if the church does allow it, check if you have the manpower for it and if your guests would cooperate
     - remember to reserve some gimmicks for your reception and for your siblings who will get married after you... ;-)

e) of readers and offerers
     - pick those who read well and who really go to mass so they are less nervous and they know that wearing a short, spaghetti-strapped dress will earn them the ire of the church manang
     - pick offerers who will come on time so they can be told where to sit and when to stand for offertory preps

Yup, the nuptial mass is more than the grand entrance of the bride, although it is a very integral part of Filipino culture to watch out for this part... :)

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