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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thank you, Elvin and Jam! :)

Elvin and Jam got really good suppliers to make sure their reception in Glass Garden would be a blast... among them: K by Cunanan Catering, Rejectkrew, Daniel Lei Studios, Anima Choir, and Metrotech. Vatel Manila's bouquet was, of course, part of the grand entrance and the group pictorials. The gown created by Clayton was really, really nice especially because it complemented the body structure of the bride super perfectly. Loved the way Kar and Macy worked to make the wedding styling match the couple's invitation -- down to the turtles on the menu board. Lei's SDE captured the happiness of the couple, such that up to now, I haven't gotten over the cheerfulness of Jam throughout the whole wedding. Rejectkrew and Metrotech made sure nothing out of place came out. Of course, the lighting was also superb. 

Since they had their friends (led by Karen) doing coordination work, I gave a detailed programme with notes on what's needed per part. We also had a meeting prior to the big day so that all expectations could be discussed. We went through everything -- even what we assistance was needed for the games. I emailed a lyrics sheet with instructions and handed over a copy to Elvin and Anima so we would all be on the same page for the grand entrance. Loved how they completed both the singing entrance and the dance they planned... :) 

I must commend the family and friends of Jam and Elvin for really shouting out the numbers as we did the personalized countdown -- they truly communicated their love for the couple. Kudos to the dads who gamely answered the remaining trivia questions as I asked the winners to pose with the couple for pictures. Of course, I will never forget the bride's father's speech as he ended with reminding Elvin of the 5 words Elvin should never forget: 

Yes, Dear... 
You are right!

Thank you again, Jam and Elvin, for giving me your full trust and confidence... :) Thank you, too, for the gift... :) 

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