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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Overcoming "shyness"... :)

This is not actually an article about overcoming shyness... it's more of a tribute to two couples who did so well during their respective first dances last week.

I was in awe of how Roger and Lea pulled off their first dance. They asked me to make a spliced mp3, but they didn't give me feedback after. They just told me that they will practice. So it was really so surprising for me and their wedding coordinator, Ms. Ria Madamba of One Wish, that they started in front of the couple's area, and they danced all the way to the end of the aisle. I think this decision to get creative with the aisle made the guests appreciate the dance all the more -- after all, they had their reception in Glass Garden and usually, the guests at the back feel that they are too far from the couple. At least, with the first dance, they were able to make the guests at the back see them and their moves up close. Their steps were not very fancy, but the excitement and the desire to make everyone see them as they dance caused everyone to get energized. This was no mean feat, because theirs was a lunch reception!

With Luzelle and Jaycob, I knew there was a choreographer who would do the mixing of songs and the steps, but they didn't really discuss how the dance would be. Jaycob was very quiet during our first meeting, so I was a bit scared that he would be shy on the dance floor. On our final meeting, Jaycob was airing his views more openly and I figured that it's a good sign. As they started dancing, I could see Luzelle whispering instructions, but I saw in Jaycob a man who decided to overcome his shyness so he could make his bride happy and yes, that was enough to make the dance so electrifying! By the time they got to their gangnam style steps, the whole Whitespace was thundering with cheers and applause. Talk about making the wait, i.e. the cocktail period, worthwhile! :) (Yes, they also had a photobooth, canapes and other food items from K by Cunanan Catering, and Elations to keep the guests entertained, but I think the dance really communicates to guests how much a couple values them -- that they would spend time to practice and they would overcome their "shyness" and anxiety just to perform for them.)

My biggest regret? I was transfixed and forgot to take videos of the dances -- even if I had my iphone with me... But then again, that's still a testament to how great the dances were, even if I have been emceeing and coordinating for some time now, their dances still got me awe-struck!

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