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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thank you, Jay and Karen!

Thank you, Jay and Karen...

a) for choosing a great team of suppliers to handle your wedding (Events Malditas, Erron Ocampo, Phoeben Teocson, Chichi Sotomil, Rejectkrew, Maja of Passion Cooks)... :) 
b) for being so thoughtful and even giving a gift... :) 

and most of all... 

c) for being so gracious throughout the preparation process... :)

Some may wonder why I noted A... well, because an emcee who goes into a reception needs the support of every supplier. For instance, if an emcee announces the names of the bride and groom for the grand entrance, he/she needs the coordinator to ensure that the bride and groom would really enter at that point, the sound system would play the right song, and the lights technicians would make the atmosphere even more festive. During the games, he/she needs the coordinators to help with the formation of the people, with giving props, and of course, with distributing prizes. He/She also needs the onsite photo and the same day edit to be ready when needed; thus, having photo and video teams that work according to the set time frame makes the program run smoothly and without hitches. :)

On the 6th of October, everyone did their tasks like clockwork... Karen and Jay had a few pictures, then they were off to the able hands of Chichi for retouch and the waiters of Passion Cooks for their light dinner, the entourage did their best to accomplish the requirement of the countdown AVP, i.e. to reach the dance area in 15 seconds, pretty Gen Teocson declared the SDE ready towards the end of dinner; Erron also finished his onsite photo a few minutes after. Elmer did his usual magic with music and lights. The basketball hoops of the Events Malditas were truly challenging...  but Jay really helped the bachelors visualize how they would have to shoot those balls. Hehe! :) 

Jay and Karen were great because they really finished the templates before coming home and facing the hustle and bustle of the week before the big day. They also gave me the needed pictures and songs on time. Wow! They also did their best to perform a great first dance and gamely did what was needed for the program -- even to the point of buying lots of prizes... :) Oh, and I must mention their cutie invitation which really gave the guests a way to know what attire is expected of each one. Congrats and Best Wishes once again! :)

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