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Monday, February 6, 2012

Something Touching... :)

From our Jan. 5, 2012 couple, Charlie and Glycell... :)

It was google who led me to Darlene. I went through her website and just like love-at-first, I knew we’re destined to be. On that same night that I knew about her, my husband told me that a friend he met hours ago recommended Darlene Tan – Salazar. The following morning, I emailed her to inquire. Unfortunately, she said that her wedding anniv is a day before our wedding date so she cannot take it. Without any hesitation I told her that I felt so sad and I cried when I read her email. She consulted Emman and thankfully Emman let her take our booking.
As the name of her company says, she really makes weddings more than perfect. She is smart, well-organized, responds to emails fast, and she commands respect from her team. It takes more than being nice and organized to execute a perfect wedding. Darlene is committed to what she’s doing. She has the leadership to pull a team who can function on their own. She has established reputation that she only needs to snap her fingers and people will follow her instructions.
During the wedding day, we were all relaxed. If there were some glitches that happened, they didn’t come to our attention anymore. Even if she was constantly on her phone, she never sent that worry feeling. She just made us feel that everything is just fine. When she told me that there are some technical issues with the photobooth, she said in a reassuring tone that they are working on it to be up and running.
Darlene is always quick to think of solutions. While in the reception, it turned out that our SDE is not ready yet. As she was also our emcee, she suddenly came up with a trivia game where we had a blast.
She is trustworthy. We trust her to the extent that we had no second thoughts of passing to her all of our guests’ cash gifts while we enjoyed the party. I think we gave her a bit of a pressure there…hehehe
Everybody loves her. Our guests have nothing but good words about her. I can go on and on about how perfect she is but on top of her intelligence and kindness, she’s so pretty.
Regards to your team and all the best to you guys!

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