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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Medium... :)

I thought about the best V-day gift I could give the man who literally waited years till the point when he felt worthy enough to reveal his feelings and propose. I knew the answer wouldn't be in any mall outlet. After all, what he wants is more time with me -- something I have not been able to give in the two years we've been married because I've been busy coordinating weddings. Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming our couples. In fact, I love them to bits. :)

When I began coordinating, I only had one goal in mind -- to help stressed out couples. Those who know how disappointed I was at the coordination done during my wedding would know that I just really wanted to prove to myself that coordination can be done well not because one is uber talented/intelligent, but because one cares a lot for the couple and how they spent time, effort, and resources to have their special day. I didn't have marketing plans. I just offered a service through w@w, because I was and will always be a w@wie at heart. I didn't even think I'd get more than 10 couples. But 8 months after we began the service, we were voted into the Top 10 of Weddings at Work. It really amazed me. :)

However, I do need to find a happy medium between the sense of fulfillment I get after every wedding day and the time my husband and other members of our respective families request of me. I, of all people, should know that time spent with family is priceless. After all, I lost my mom to cancer. But I can say, with my head held high, that there were no words left unsaid for we spent almost all our time together from the time I was born, till the time she embraced me one last time minutes before she passed on.

I am praying that just as couples gave me a chance to prove my mettle as a coordinator and coordinator-emcee from 2010 to the present, there will also be couples who will give me the same trust as a wedding emcee working with their team of coordinators.  So yes, I do want to still be of help to couples, albeit through emceeing. And yes, I will have to say "so long" to the world of coordinating for the time being. 

All couples who are already booked with us for coordination need not worry. We will give the same loving dedication to your wedding. After all, I've walked down the same aisle... I know how it feels... :)

Those who wish to see our emceeing package, please do not hesitate to email I infused it with my coordination gifts... simply because I know I will miss coordination, and I know, there are couples who will also benefit from the knowledge I've gleaned through the past weddings I've done. :)

Since it's the 15th today and I'm celebrating my birthday on the 15th of the next month, the promo price shall be for 15 slots as well. :) 

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  1. Oh my... I just suddenly became sad.. =( I came across your profile via google, read your team profile and felt that I wanted you to be part of my wedding... But I agree, nothing can be more important than a FAMILY.