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Monday, August 9, 2021

Should I go for sit-down or buffet service?

As a wedding planner and emcee, I have seen my share of sit-down, buffet, and lauriat services. 

Buffet service is a popular choice because the couple and/or their parents feel that their guests would really feel satisfied because they can get as much as they desire. 

Sit-down service is often frowned upon because people think that this one would not satisfy hunger. 

However, based on experience, sit-down service should not be dismissed right away. 


1) because it’s safer, given the current situation with covid (No matter the reminders, some still go to the buffet without masks, and some buffet service providers don’t have people to manage so guests end up holding the serving spoon or even talking over the food. 😭)

2) because if the courses include an appetizer, soup, salad, first entree, sorbet, main course, and dessert, people really do feel full (This refers to actual sit-down service not the hybrid we have here which has lots of stuff on one plate — sauces mixing together, and looking a bit less appetizing.) 

It can be a bit tedious though because often sit-down service menus have beef as main course, perhaps, because it is touted to be more filling. But we all know not everyone eats beef. So  during RSVP time, guests need to be asked if they have food concerns — some only eat fish, some only eat vegetables, some have allergies, etc. 

It’s also a bit more expensive given the number of people in the kitchen plating food and the number of servers involved. But this doesn’t come into play much since there are usually 50 or fewer in the guest list, so spending a little more for food and for safety, doesn’t cause as a major as a dent in the budget as a wedding of 150 or more guests. 

Oh and don’t dismiss tasting type menus because the number of items and the bursts of flavor per item can really fill the stomach. Plus you’re giving your guests an experience far different from what they would normally have at weddings. 

I think the most major plus of a sit-down service choice is that of lessening eat and run guests. They won’t leave since they still need to wait for their food to be served. Haha! Kidding aside though, it does help in keeping guests seated and focused on the reception. (Also, since intimate weddings are in vogue, you can avoid inviting those who are known to eat and run. Send them food and make them watch via your live stream. That way, they can have both their goals — eating good food and staying home.) 

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