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Friday, October 25, 2013

To guests who think it's ok to leave before the programme ends...

Just a little introduction: Some days back, I was chatting with a fellow supplier about a wedding they had, wherein very few guests were left right after eating. It was sad to say the least for the couple -- even if they expected it because they knew some of their invitees had an "eat and run" reputation. I think some of those who prefer to "eat and run" aren't aware of how weddings have changed; thus, they are missing out on a lot of things. In other words, sayang naman po -- you already spent time, effort, and resources to go to the wedding, why not stay on and finish it, especially because after eating, that's when you can win prizes and watch the on-site AVPs. :) 

Disclaimer: All photos used here are from real weddings -- to illustrate why guests should not leave early. They are not part of the wedding discussed in the previous paragraph. :)

Dear Guests, 

Weddings have become complicated through the years. More and more details are included; more and more plans are drawn up and executed. Most of these look good in pictures, that's true. However, couples do not only pay for these details for their own personal satisfaction. Most actually think of you, their guests, and what would make you feel happy and satisfied.

All photos were taken at real events.
This one was designed by Amante Fleurs.
They want pretty venues so that they could make traveling worth your while. They provide several activities as well as food and drink choices during cocktail time so that you won't get bored or hungry while waiting for them to finish their pictorials. They go to great lengths to plan for their programmes -- sing, dance, prepare games, and buy prizes -- just so they can see you smiling and cheering. They spend time and effort going through food tasting sessions and drawing up their menus because they want to make sure you will like the food and drink choices.

So yes, when you stand and leave right after eating or while games are going on, it is really heartbreaking for the couple -- even more so when you stand and disturb them as they are enjoying their on-site AVPs. The on-site photo slideshow and the same day edit are supposed to show them all that transpired and what they may have missed because they are floating on cloud 9. Please don't burst their bubble. Let them watch. Enjoy it with them. Anyway, after these AVPs are played, it's usually time for the final speech anyway.

I am writing this because I want you to know that we literally spend hours exchanging e-mails and ideas to plan for programmes. We work on making sure we will finish within the usual 2-hour attention span of most polite guests. We have you in mind while planning the programme. Please also have in mind the bride and groom who want to spend the biggest day of their journey together with you. Know that while they will most likely recall your gift later on, they will remember more your presence and how you did your best to be truly and fully present on their wedding day.

Wouldn't you want to feel so loved on your big day? Give them that gift. Make them remember you with much fondness for staying, laughing, and crying tears of joy with them.

Yours truly,
All Concerned Emcees

I don't think I'm the only emcee whose heart breaks when they see couples saddened by guests who leave earlier than the end of the programme -- or worse, do not attend at all after confirming that they are coming. I know I am one with all those who spend a lot of time and effort planning programmes with their couples. Let's make the bride and groom happy. It's their big day, after all. :)

These pictures are proof of how couples spend so much time, effort, and resources to make their big day special not only for them but for their guests. :)

They make the guest table centrepieces works of art so that they can make you feel
they thought of you while planning what you would see at the centre of your table
for the whole duration of the event.
{Styled by K by Cunanan Catering}
This couple spent so much time thinking of how they want their backdrop to look.
Why? Because they know the pictorial with the guests would be done in this area.
{Styled by Josiah's Catering}
Talk about giving the guests a welcome treat! This
couple thought it best to greet the guests at the cocktail
area with apples -- thematic and satisfying. :)
{Area styled by K by Cunanan Catering}
This couple literally prepared a 1:1 type of souvenir
so all guests who have something to take home
(or eat on the way home).  
Guests knew the theme of this couple upon entering the area, because this was what
greeted them at the registration area. If this doesn't tell guests that the couple truly prepared for their big day,
I don't know what else a couple can do to give guests that message.
{Area prepared by Amante Fleurs}
This couple made sure their programme would be
super entertaining -- lots of lively dances!!!
{kudos to Jeni, Rocky, and their ento}
(Photo grabbed from Infinite Events by Mr. and Mrs.)
This activity kept guests busy during cocktail time -- as they
planned for their scenario shot with the couple
before going to the buffet. They literally brought props
and acted their hearts out upon the photographer's signal.
Letter for each table prepared by the emcee. Explanations
and distribution ℅ Infinite Events by Mr. and Mrs.
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  1. Hi Ms Darlene, thanks for this post. Iam hoping that this would not happen on our big day although its expected that some would do eat and run...hmmmm? maybe I could send this link to our guests hahahahah

  2. This is one of my worries! That's why I want the program to start while the guests are eating! In between courses, I hope I can get the speeches done etc. Just like how my cousin did in his wedding.

  3. I shared this post on my profile the other day just to let our invited guests be reminded of the effort placed in coming up with a program for them to enjoy..

  4. This is, for us, one of the things that would really make us happy on our big day---to see that our guests really finished the entire program and even stayed afterwards. It is an affirmation that they really enjoyed our wedding. Praying for this to come true on our wedding!
    -Christine Santos

  5. Well said. I hope hindi mangyari sa amin. Time to work on our workbook now! :p