Perfect 10 Weddings

Sunday, October 27, 2013

My #w@wlove journey :)

Stage 1:

I was a proud w@wie complete with w@w tag before I decided to become a supplier. The w@w tag reveals how active I was in posting my queries, comments, and suggestions... Hehe! :)

Stage 2:

I started Perfect 10 Weddings, our coordination team, via a post in w@w. I guess w@wies tend to trust fellow w@wies; thus, I got several bookings right away. Talk about w@wlove! (wala pang hashtag then)

Stage 3:

Ms. Benz organized a get-together of w@wies-turned-coordinators. I was in awe of Clarice, Queen, and Jody as they talked about their experiences and freely gave advice to us. #w@wlove ulit (this time, beyond the yahoogroup)

Stage 4:

Ms. Benz sent the proverbial late night text to the Top 10 Suppliers of 2010! When I woke up to see that message the following morning, I could not believe what I was reading... We had around 6 months of experience at that point, yet the w@wies were willing to give us that recognition already!!! w@wlove to the max! (but of course, with that recognition came the challenge of proving ourselves worthy of #w@wlove... :)

Stage 5:

Over the years, w@wies gave us the opportunity to handle their weddings -- even giving cards and gifts to let us know of how we were able to alleviate their stress and execute their plans. #w@wlove over and over... :)

Stage 6:

Another late night text from Ms. Benz!!! It felt so surreal that once again, I am being given #w@wlove via votes, albeit in a different category -- in 2010, it was for coordination, while this 2013, it's for emceeing. Thank you, dear w@wies, for this recognition. Let's continue personalizing programmes and trying our best to give your guests out-of-the-box experiences... :)

I would also like to say thank you to the great emcees I got to work with when I was still actively coordinating/planning weddings, especially Missy Ferrer - Litao, who is not only an inspiration but a friend as well. :) 

Congratulations to the Top 10 Awardees of 2013! 
- to my caterer of choice for our wedding, K by Cunanan Catering. Everything is always so nice with Kaye... even her waiters are all so well-trained and gracious. :) What's there not to love, huh?
- to Dylan, who, beyond all the creative ideas and picture-perfect flowers, is really first and foremost a good friend... :) So glad I had so many weddings with you and Kaye when I was still coordinating. Things are always easy and happy with you guys. :) 

- to Val, whose mere presence at my P10W-coordinated preps made me relax because I knew nothing could stop him from finishing ahead of time... :) Thank you for the trust even if we were new then... Thank you also for handling my make-up and hair during the shoot of 2010. :) 

- to Aisle 1401, thank you for always finishing your beautiful SDEs on time... It makes my life so much easier. (Sorry din po if in case I made you "ngarag"... :) 

- to Aira Franco and Manny and April, looking forward to working with you... :) I've seen a lot of your outputs and I know you guys are such a well-loved, talented lot. :) 

- to Moki, Tippy, and Kiko, for all the laughter and great conversations especially while planning for surprise events... :) Who knew one could have hilarious conversations -- lots of literal LOL moments -- while chatting? You guys are so gifted yet you are all so humble... :) I am really glad I found friends in all of you :) 


  1. Congratulations darlene!! You truly deserved it! :) you deliver beyond expectation!!

  2. Congrats Ms. Darlene! I'm so excited to have you as part of our dream team! ^_^

  3. Congrats Darlene! This is truly much deserved! :)

  4. Hi Ms.Darlene, you really deserve it!!! :) Keep up the good work. #w@wlove to a fellow w@wie... ayihee.. kilig ako sa kwento mo po. hihihi