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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Welcome to the Family

Oct 3, 2013
Bayanihan Center
Maggie and Gelo

It was a fairly simple program, but I was moved right away upon their entrance because when I asked them the question that I had asked so many other couples, Gelo ended by asking his whole side to love and accept his bride just as he loves her. Wow! I've never had a groom openly mention that as a response to my first question :) 

Other touching points included the quotable quotes from the speeches, especially that which Sen. Honasan, their godfather, uttered, "Often 80% of what we worry about never happens". While it is not originally his, I think it was great he mentioned it -- a reminder to everyone to strive to be happy and worry less :) 

Beautiful set up from K by Cunanan catering, with the team headed by the very proactive Capt. Bong. Just as noteworthy is Lougen of Rejectkrew who made sure music would be played on-the-dot, Sandy and the rest of the musicians whose beautiful voices and impeccable playing made lunch so much more enjoyable, Chef Kiko of Toy Cakes who had a cute set up on cakes, cupcakes, and cake pops, Tippy Dee who made the bride even more beautiful with his make up artistry, and Mezarc Buslon and team who captured the couple as they are -- laidback and happy :) 

Good job, everyone :) 

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