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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Keeping it bright and sunny!

Ben and Ehmie
Blue Leaf Filipinas 
Oct 5, 2013

When Ehmie called me, she made me feel right away that I was part of her team -- something I truly, truly appreciated. She already had a program draft, but I still sent her the workbook so she could choose from the games. She went one step further though because she personalized the games as well -- adding her own twist to the ones I had :)

It was a family affair with her tita-ninang and brother serving as wedding coordinators. Aside from the sunlight pouring in through the glass doors and wall panels of the venue, they also brought the sun in by having lots of balloons :) 

Balloon arcs and decor from myaps greeted guests as they entered. Who wouldn't be jolly upon seeing all these balloons right? :) 

They had a black and rainbow motif so they made sure people still saw black elements like these black balloons. Later on Bizu transferred the cake to the stage. 

VIPs were also treated to bursts of color (and good food, of course) as they sat on their respective seats. They had colorful place cards as well -- impossible to miss... :) 

Guests had plain white flowers but they had colorful menu cards, lollipops, and other sweets on their tables. Love that Bizu has chargers, bread plates, separate soup spoons and butter knives even on guest tables. :) Tables were also labelled by color, not by number :) 

So what were the unique program elements? 
A) all the speakers cried -- they had so much emotion, so much love, and so much joy, they could not contain it 
B) the end of the couple's dance with the entourage had a burst of around 100 balloons... Super duper festive!!! (I'm sure the guys from Niceprint have really great photos and footage.) 
C) the bride was able to surprise her mom by ending the program with a birthday celebration for her -- the brothers and sisters even had dances and flowers for her mom... Really sweet! 

Indeed, this was one wedding with so many bursts of color -- from the decor down to the speeches and games. Congratulations and best wishes again, Ben and Ehmie :) 

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