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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thank you is not overrated... :)

I had seven events from Oct. 12 to 20, and yes, I felt that indeed, peak season has begun for me. I just want to thank the couples who gave me their trust and confidence. I will be blogging about your extra special weddings... :) Thank you also to the ones who sent in super touching messages of thanks, I will include those in my blog entries, for sure... :)

You see, thank you is never overrated. It's something that truly makes every supplier's effort to give 101% of himself/herself so much more worth it. While we are professionals and we'd do our jobs and so much more every time we have a booking, we do have feelings and yes, we get overwhelmed and super inspired to work harder every time we receive words and notes of thanks. When you do say thank you, remember that you are not only making the supplier happy, you are actually inspiring that supplier to work harder for others so definitely, you are also helping other couples receive the same level of service and dedication. :)

I also want to thank my other couples for their patience since I am not able to respond as quickly. Thank you for understanding that just like a mom, I had to give more attention to the kids, who needed me more the past days. You are the best! :)

For those who are still asking about the promo, yes, it's still ongoing... Please note it would not be possible without all the inspiring brides and grooms I had :) Below are the mechanics:


  1. I'm so excited for this promo because I heard a lot of good reviews about your service. We are pulling a budget wedding that's why we cannot afford to get the regular price! 'Hope we can be selected :) thanks in advance :)

  2. Here's my comment Darlene :) Have read a lot of good feedback about your service and so we win or not we will still be happy to book you though we would be happier if we could win in this promo. Thanks :)

  3. Thank you Ms. Darlene for sharing this promo with me, when we were chatting in FB. :-) I do hope we could win in this promo, given also that you are still available on our wedding day. :-) This could be a Pre-Christmas Promo and a Pre-Birthday Gift for me, all rolled into one, since I'll be celebrating my birthday this November 13, 2013. Hoping to win this! Ah yeah.. :-) Thanks again.. :)

  4. Godspeed Ms. Darlene! :)

  5. Thank you Ms. Darlene for this one of a kind opportunity! :)

  6. thanks so much, karen! :)

    blessy, will surely post the list of winners on nov. 12... :) wow! bday mo papa the next day. :)

    thank you, ver and luz :)

  7. Hi Ms. Darlene! As I have messaged you earlier, I admire you for your generosity and concern to the couples, regardless if they have booked you already or not. I have not encountered any supplier that gives away raffle prizes and discounts even without a bridal fair even. May God bless you and more power! :)

    Christine Santos