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Sunday, September 29, 2013

When it rains, it pours... :)

It was a rainy Sept 28, 2013, with an outpouring of love and support from family, friends, and suppliers :)

Together with the teams of Events Malditas, Jaja Samaniego, Phoeben Teocson, Rejectkrew, and The Palms, James and Ghaz pulled off a laidback yet fun program for everyone :) Special mention to Rae V.  Salazar and Nhot who made sure the bride would be even prettier :) 

Highlights, of course, were the beautiful photos from Jaja and team as well as the SDE from Team PTV which gave credence to what transpired -- great mix of slow and fast scenes :) They truly made use of the rehearsal the couple did for their first dance :) {insert the crowd's cheers when the music changed}

Surprises were the following: 

1) The entourage usually plans a bit when we tell them they will have a very different kind of entrance. This particular group though went the extra mile. Check out how the ladies practiced their moves complete with music from their phones, and how the gentlemen watched youtube videos so they can strut their stuff. As they said, "Career ito! Competitive kami!"

2) Friends of the bride surprised her with the singer she really wanted for their big day -- none other than, Johnoy Danao :)

We also had a fun couples' game with people revealing how husbands and wives think. Love how husbands tried to second guess their wives... As they say, "a happy wife is a happy life". Hehe! :) 

Overall, I must say I was pretty scared that guests would not stay too long since it was raining elephants and rhinos outside with matching flooded areas, too. But their love for the couple prevailed, so we ended the program with a full ballroom... Whew! :) 

Congratulations and Best Wishes once again, James and Ghaz :)

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  1. Was at the venue for ocular before the guests arrived. We asked our AE who the singer was because he was practicing while Sir Elmer of RejectKrew was finishing final details of there set-up. I knew the voice of the singer was family but never really realized it was Johnoy Danao!!! I looked up RejectKrew's FB page and saw your post about this wedding only to find out about this. Wish we had friends like them!!! lol