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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cocktail hour activities, anyone?

Last 14 September 2013, we had a wedding in Ville Sommet with Ms. Kutchie's Getting Married Team, Toto Villaruel, Bob Nicolas, Jamsy, and K by Cunanan Catering.

While it is already expected that all teams would do well despite the very strong wind and rain -- congratulations by the way to all -- what caught my eye were the many cocktail activities the couple, Gelo and Tin, prepared for their guests. I regret that I didn't get to take a photo of the set up at the garden area prior to the torrential rain. However, I do have amateur photos of the other items they had for their guests to while the time away while waiting for them to arrive and finish their pre-reception activities as a couple. 

Before I give you the activities, check out how Bob had to have a make-shift rain cover just to be able to create another masterpiece. Talk about dedication! Toto had such great photos, you'd think it didn't rain! Ms. Kutchie and her team were their cool, bubbly, and very efficient selves despite getting wet and all... :) 

Food from K by Cunanan Catering (with mason jars as cocktail drink containers made even cuter by decorated straws ... :) Below is one of the cocktail items in Kaye's Menu -- mini eggs Benedict :)

Outside, there were several stations: (not in picture: the Instagram Photobooth with their assigned hashtag: #gelotinwedding, ooooh! And they even had Instagram-related dares to choose from... :)

What's even better than these activities? 

The guests who loved the couple enough... 
a) to gamely do the activities both outside (despite the rain coming into the covered area) and within the program (action packed trivia game idea of ms. Kutchie and the singles games), and
B) to stay till the end of the program despite seeing and hearing the heavens pouring out water like there's no tomorrow. 

Kudos to the couple, the guests, and the rest of the suppliers! :) 

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