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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The beloved wedding guest...

While the bride and groom are remembered by guests for the food they chose, the details, and the program, newlyweds also remember their guests well and what they individually did or did not do to contribute to the success of the biggest day of their lives as a couple. Guests will be surprised to know that despite the 200 guests present, the newlyweds will notice and remember the one or two flakers who said "going" but were "no-shows" on the day. They will remember also the guests who brought home vases and the like and caused them to pay fines. So what should guests do? :)

The beloved wedding guest... 

1) gives a definite response (going or regrets, no "maybe/will try")

2) arrives on time & avoids photo bombing the march, especially the bride's walk down the aisle

3) gives photo and video teams their necessary space in front of the bride and groom 

4) cooperates with the coordinators and the emcee (thereby respecting the requests and instructions relayed by the bride and groom) 

5) participates in activities (during cocktails and the program proper) & avoids being the sourpuss who badgers the parents, the coordinators, and the emcee to start already, even if the bride and groom aren't ready yet

6) finishes the program and allots time to be with the couple after the program 

7) avoids taking decor, food, and the like without permission from the bride and groom 

8) gives the best gift of all -- time! :) (monetary and gifts-in-kind are also more than welcome) 

It's the couple's big day -- let's do our share to make it extra special and memorable for them. :)

N.B. This photo was taken at a wedding reception in Wakwak. The couple certainly did not waste their time when they thought of various scenarios for the group photos -- all 30 groups did their parts with aplomb :) 

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