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Monday, September 9, 2013

Let's prevent on-the-day stress, shall we?

Before your big day, you're usually so sure of your plans -- so much so that you get mighty surprised when things don't work out on the most important day of your journey as a couple. You wonder what went wrong when you had foolproof plans all drawn up and specified. 

Perhaps, it was the lack of wedding experience that caused problems -- loopholes you could not have seen mainly because you don't do behind-the-scenes work for weddings on most days of your life. Perhaps, it could be because some people forgot to perform certain tasks during preps -- you, your groom, your coord, your assigned sibling/relative, etc. Perhaps, you forgot what you were supposed to bring and it made a difference in your mood and the way you appeared in stills and footage all throughout the day... The list can be endless. 

If you're stressed just reading how things can go wrong and affect your mood, then you might need this package. It was created with the thought of making brides and grooms extra prepared on the day -- with a detailed timeline that takes into consideration problems that can crop up from the start of your day to the point of turnover (around 12 to 18 hours), individual task lists connected with the contents of the timeline, etc.  

Of what use are great styling, make up, attire, photo, video, and food if there are just too many glaring problems on the day? Guests will remember more the fact that the priest had to ask for your rings and arrhae thrice rather than how detailed your table setting was. Your ento will most likely recall how they all went hungry during preps -- more than how pretty their dresses were. If you want things to go well, you'd leave no stone unturned... And that's what the wedding audit is all about: going through plans with a fine-tooth comb and telling you straight up what can cause problems (of course, with appropriate solutions/recommendations). 

Email for the detailed package contents and the rate. Discounts apply for bookings finalized within the month of September :) 

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  1. I think this entry should be shared every month as a reminder to the couple especially to the brides.