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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Happiest Program Ever!

The happiest couple, Harold and Kristel
Photo by Betty Uy 
On our first meeting, Harold and Kristel already had a vision of their wedding, and what they wanted their guests to feel after being part of their big day. They had a lot of details in mind -- yes, that's common, but what struck me was how they wanted to make sure their guests would feel good all throughout. Thus, if there is such a thing as comfort food, in this wedding, there were also the following: comfort music + comfort clothes + comfort medium (combination of English and Filipino).

They chose DENIM as a theme because they wanted to communicate their easy going nature; moreover, they didn't want their guests to spend too much on preparing their attires just to be able to attend their wedding. The result? A jampacked Bayanihan Center Hall! Our problem became the space that the entourage would use for dancing. Haha! But that's as good a problem as any, right? At least we didn't have to worry about filling up all the tables or making sure all the food would be eaten.

As an emcee, I wanted to make sure right from the start that the guests would know they were in for a very different kind of celebration. Thoffy Consulta and his events team worked on the Principal Sponsors, Parents, and Entourage members -- to prepare them and guide them for the dance they would be doing to open the programme. You want to see who danced the most in Thoffy's team? Watch the link below! :) 

Because they had a long proposal AVP, I suggested that we open the programme with it -- we dimmed the lights, then I did a voice over to introduce it. (We were able to hit two birds with one stone -- begin the programme at the point when the wedding planning began, and buy the bride and groom a couple more minutes to eat.) 

After the video, I started the ball rolling with the entrance of each group of godparents. Kristel and Harold chose the songs the groups would use for their dances. Because I was so excited, I really practiced how I would say the names and ensure that I would end at the point they would have to start dancing -- I had notes on the number of seconds I had per song!!! Plus, I cut one song because the intro was too long compared to the other songs. The parents, the flower girls, the bearers, and the entourage also danced to the delight of the guests. 
Photo of the parents dancing to the crowd's delight
By Betty Uy of ImagineNation
If I were to rate them, I'd give the older members of the entourage -- parents and principal sponsors -- A for effort and stage presence! They smiled radiantly and truly performed! They were the stars of the entrance... Well, at least till the point when I called in, "Mr. and Mrs. Harold and Kristel Lim"!

Their poses during their "I'm too sexy" catwalk brought the house down. But it was only a way to prepare everyone for more dancing with "I'm too sexy" and "Always" as their background. Harold, the reluctant groom, even agreed to walk down the ramp wearing his lace polo (no coat) and his afro wig -- all for the love of Kristel and the entrance she envisioned.

Check out the pictures and video links below.
A shot of our first group of performers (the godparents!)
from Betty Uy of ImagineNation

The third group of energetic godparents!
Photo c/o Betty Uy of ImagineNation

You want to know how people reacted to the dances?
Look at this shot, also from Betty Uy of ImagineNation
Ghe Consolacion finished this SDE with time to spare, but let me personally thank him for coming up so quickly with the edited entrance segments for this blog. The edited Entrance AVP actually ends where the SDE begins -- talk about having a tied up set of AVPs. So if you want quickly accomplished yet super high quality videos, go for Ghe! :) 

Link to the Special Video: Entrance AVP

What set this programme apart as the happiest programme ever? Read on. :)

a) they chose a "comfort medium" -- combination of English and Filipino, which best mirrors how most people communicate on a daily basis

b) they went for songs that everyone knew so people were "moving to the beat" even while seated

c) they got a group that would handle their lights and sounds needs really well -- of course, Rejectkrew!  (the correct timing while playing the songs was really crucial for their program... Elmer and Lougen pulled it off with aplomb!)

d) they had entourage members who loved them enough to do their assigned dances

e) they invited guests with whom they have personal relationships; that's why they all stayed and finished the programme despite the rain and the threat of floods while going home (Mind you, this was after the storm that inundated Metro Manila and kept kids at home for one whole week.)

f) they personalized their cake cutting and garter ceremony with spiels and pick up lines which the guests lapped up

g) they got a designer who rose to the challenge of their theme, none other than Boy Kastner Santos (look at the amazing bridal gown, the parents' gowns, the suit of the groom, and the dresses of the entourage ladies!!!)

Charie, his niece, ably represented him on Harold and Kristel's big day because he had a trip he could not cancel anymore -- it was planned even before the couple booked him. The tears of joy Kristel shed while thanking Tito Boy were captured on video nonetheless.

h) excellent make-up artist Val Villarin was there from the start of preparations to the start of the programme to make sure Kristel would always be fresh and vibrant

i) they spent time planning and conceptualizing every detail of their wedding reception with me -- we had several email exchanges on possible to-do's, music, and the like

j) they truly worked "with" their suppliers -- hence, suppliers went to their reception feeling really happy and excited about the work they would be doing -- all for the love of Kristel and Harold! (Although suppliers are professional, I still believe that they tend to give more than 200% of themselves to couples who are so game and so nice, but that's just my P.O.V. :)

I must say that I was sooooooo touched when the guests applauded after the bride thanked each supplier who helped them pull off their plans. I felt it was their way of approving the praise uttered by the bride and the groom -- I'm sure all the suppliers went home with big smiles on their faces. 

You may also check out Betty Uy's blog: Denim-themed Wedding Blog to see what transpired from preparations to reception in full color. She has pictures of what happened from the dancing segments to the games and even the party time after. Thank you, Betty, for allowing me to link to your blog. :)

To Harold and Kristel, congratulations, you guys pulled off a really wonderful start to an even more wonderful journey together as a married couple! :)

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