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Monday, September 16, 2013

What are those utensils for?

Weddings are formal events. People dress up to the nines, expecting a nicely decorated venue and a tablescape that's different from what they usually see at home or in regular restaurants. 

Below is a photo taken at a K by Cunanan Catering event. Let's take a quiz, shall we? (On stuff found on the table, not just utensils... :)

1) Which is the salad fork? 
     A) inner, larger fork
     B) outer, smaller fork

2) Which goblet is used for wine? 
     A) larger goblet
     B) smaller goblet

Below is a photo grabbed from Facebook. It is of a set-up in Enderun. Our bride then had a picnic theme. 

3) The spoon between the knives is for the...  
     A) main course
     B) soup 

4) The salad knife is the... 
     A) inner knife (near the table napkin) 
     B) outer knife 

Below is a photo taken in Wakwak. 

5) The round, gold objects under the table napkins are called... 
    A) plates
    B) chargers

6) The long, rectangular piece of cloth running from end to end is called a... 
    A) runner
    B) top cover

Below is a photo of a Passion Cooks event in Alphaland. Our bride chose long tables because the venue is also long and rectangular in shape :)

7) The small spoon and fork set placed parallel to the table edge is for... 
     A) dessert
     B) salad 

Another K by Cunanan set-up below, this time at an open air venue; thus, the knives were neatly placed on top of the menu cards to prevent them from flying off. 

8) Where should you rest your knife if you don't need it at the moment? (Perhaps, you'd like to drink or talk to someone...) 
    A) near the edge of the plate
    B) beside the plate, directly on the linen

See that wasn't so daunting, right? As they say, deal with your utensils by going inwards. That means, the outer utensils are for taking your salad and soup, while the inner utensils are for your main course. 

Have fun at your next event! :) 

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