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Monday, September 2, 2013

A Time to Say Goodbye

Some of you may have noticed that I didn't get to blog or answer emails as quickly as usual the past days. The reason? We went to Bacolod to pay our final respects to my grandfather, Rene C. Tan, one of the icons of broadcasting.

I didn't get to go to his 80th birthday party several weeks back because I had weddings from Friday to Sunday. Of course, when they booked, I didn't know my Lolo would have a major party and that it would be his last. I regret having passed off the chance to see him one last time; I could have asked one of my emcee-friends to take my place. My couples would have understood, I think, especially because one of the parents that Sunday knows my Lolo as a newscaster since he also grew up in Negros Occidental.

However, because God has his reasons and He did plan my calendar so that I would have time to go to my Lolo's funeral without passing off any wedding to anyone else, I am trying to view my absence at his party in another light. He was already sick then -- a far cry from the very jolly Lolo I came to know growing up. At least now, my only memories of him consist of his cheerful smile that reaches all the way to his eyes which dance with delight at every story we tell him. Besides, if he had known that I had weddings to host, he would have said, "The show must go on".

The last time we saw each other, when I went to
Bacolod for the Regional Search of TOSP in 2009
Here's the tribute I made for him. It was shown right after the final eulogy delivered by my dad, his second son, the one named after him and his wife -- may they both rest in the peace and comfort of God's loving arms.

Special thanks to my dad and his siblings as well as to my brother, John 
-- they all contributed to the creation of this AVP

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  1. I remember my "Tatay"...How happy he would be if he's here to celebrate my very special day...I'll be the first to have a church wedding in the family...He'll be so excited for sure... :)