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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Happy birthday, little sailor Anika! :)

It is always a pleasure and privilege to witness the growth of a former wedding client's family :) 

Anika Chloe is the cutie daughter of Aimee and Aldwin. I was both emcee and coordinator during their wedding. It's really so sweet that Aimee thought of having me emcee their daughter's first birthday celebration. :) (Photo was taken before guests arrived.)

I enjoyed conceptualizing and putting naval twists to the games. I'm sure Anika will enjoy looking at her photos of the day when she gets older -- kudos to the team of ImagineNation (Aika and Jonathan) for tirelessly taking photos of all aspects of the celebration. Note though, the pictures in this blog were just taken by my iphone... I didn't disturb Aika and Jonathan anymore for the official shots. :) 

Below are some of the details :) 

Guests who answered the crossword puzzle regarding Anika eagerly awaited the announcement of winners at the end of the program :)

People got competitive when we announced the pre-program game. Guests had to make paper boats per table. The "table mates" who can turn all assigned sheets to paper boats at the quickest possible pace won prizes! :) 

Guests didn't need to be invited twice to get cupcakes and sweets. Everyone sang happy birthday, too :)

What's great about the food? They taste almost like home cooking... Love, love, love the lasagna with spinach :)

Everyone stood up to watch and cheer on the players as they attempted to catch the moving clams. Big hit! :) 

We also had a name that nautical show contest where mommies, daddies, and kids tried to outdo others in guessing as quickly as possible :) 

This was not a traditional party with clowns and magicians -- just lots and lots of games and prizes for all ages, lots of good food, and guests who love the celebrant with all their hearts :) 

Thank you, Aimee and Aldwin, for being so sweet and thoughtful... :) 

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