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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Free! Free! Free!

Most of my current and former brides know that I gingerly stepped into the world of weddings in 2010 because I had some disappointments about the way my own wedding details were handled.  I thought maybe I could help brides come out unscathed by offering my services as a wedding coordinator. There were a lot who gambled on our new team, and I believe we were able to work really hard for each wedding that's why we got voted into the Weddings at Work Top 10 Suppliers of 2010.

In 2012 though, I had to take a hiatus since my family needed more of my time; hence, I had to remove the first word from the title, "Coordinator and Emcee". Now that I am technically not coordinating anymore, "just emceeing", I still hear myself delving into the plans of my couples -- telling them of the pros and cons of what they want to do, as well as dispensing pieces of advice and words of caution when they ask me questions about all things wedding-related.

To this day, couples have been asking me about when I would be returning to coordination. Since I can't give a final date yet, but I really want to be of assistance to those who are at their wit's end, I figured, I might as well offer this new service. Do check out the flyer below. 

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