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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

To our dear Coordinators, just 3 requests...

I know there are coordinators who make it a point to practice these and really, hats off to them... :) They are the ones who have 1 team member nearby constantly updating me regarding developments including the number of prizes left when we are stalling for the AVP editors. (Yup, no need for me to leave the programme area in front just to chase 1 of them and ask regarding the status of the on-site AVP.) 

However, since some forget these tasks at times, I'd like to make an appeal to them through this note:

Ready or Stretch... Here we come!

a) Kindly let the emcee know if the on-site AVP is not ready -- one part before the emcee should cue the photo slideshow or the video. Usually, there is a game before this gets shown. It's the perfect time to let the emcee know that he/she should stretch because the editor needs a bit more time.

In the same vein, if it is ready, let the emcee know as well -- even just by pointing at the projector and giving a thumbs up. That way, the editor doesn't get frustrated that he/she worked so hard to beat the time requirement only to find out it won't get shown till the end of the program.

Last two minutes... BEFORE Game Time!

b) If there is a game, kindly prepare for it prior to game time. Have the materials on hand (including the correct allotment of prizes). If there are materials that need to be distributed to the guests per table, do give the people their materials ahead of the point at which the game would be introduced. That way, we waste less time and we come off as a team that has prepared a tight program.

I'm sure it stresses you out when you see your team members scrambling to the registration to locate missing game pieces or prizes. Worse, when prizes are really nowhere to be found.

Although no one (perhaps, except for the couple and emcee) knows about the prizes that need to be distributed, giving the wrong ones to the winners might result in a lack of prizes for the next game. To a very detailed bride/groom, this is also a factor that can cause stress -- even if there will be prizes for the next game winners. Emotions run high during weddings. We all know that. 

First Impressions Last

c) Please cue those who are involved in the following segments:  the entrance of the elders (if required), the entrance of the entourage, and the grand entrance. That way, they will really be encouraged to do their parts well. Some members of the entourage lose their nerve right when their names are called, but when coords are there to prop them up, they usually perform according to plan. Of course, we must admit that some entourage members are just too shy or too stubborn to do what's asked, but chosen well, they are usually close enough to the couple to know that their performance is actually part of their wedding gift, too. :)

Ok, it would be great if those with parts could also be brought close to the programme area prior to the time they are introduced. That way, the emcee avoids calling those who are not in the reception venue. 

Ultimately, we, the suppliers, are aware of two things: we aren't perfect, but we are in this together -- setting our sights on helping the couple achieve the programme they envisioned and more.  :) 


To our dear couples

No one is indeed perfect. A little leeway must be given for honest mistakes and a little confusion, especially if there are sudden changes on the day.

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