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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thank you, Rejectkrew! :)

Because we at P10W felt a lot less stress going into each wedding with you and your team, this is for you, Elmer... :)

Actually, the placard should have stated, "I am a fan of Rejectkrew", not just because you've been in the business far longer or because you've gotten the number 1 spot in the w@w Top 10, but because you truly are talented and dedicated to your craft. This dedication has rubbed off on your team; thus, just like you, they don't sit during the programme and they keep their eyes peeled so that they can react to what happens on the floor.

Now that I'm just emceeing and I don't have my team with me anymore, I still feel confident when you guys are around -- no, not because you can imitate Ari & his "moves" -- but because I know you have my back. Thank you, Elmer. Thank you, Abet, Lougen, John-John, and the rest of Rejectkrew. :)

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