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Monday, February 14, 2011

Our First Couple

You could say Perfect 10 Weddings literally started with Maricel and Ilie.

To launch Perfect 10 Weddings, we had our first activity with couples -- an afternoon of coffee, pastries, and shared thoughts on weddings -- on the 7th of March 2010.  Aside from sharing lessons we learned based on experience, we also gave away a free wedding coordination package to one lucky couple. That's Maricel and Ilie.

We're glad God sent them our way. Theirs was a wedding that spelled L-O-V-E all throughout. Without that much LOVE, we don't think Maricel and Ilie could have delivered on all the DIYs they planned.

Couples can create layouts via photoshop and "what-have-you" programs, but I don't think everyone could hand sew fabric envelopes for invites the way Maricel did. Yes, Maricel and Ilie were not only hands on with the layout of the invite, they literally sewed the invite pages together and sewed each envelope (button and buttonhole included). This is definitely one invite that won't end up being forgotten. I bet the invite envelope has ended up in the bag of many a guest after the wedding. :)

To complete the shabby chic look, Dylan of Vatel Manila created a bouquet that gave the "fresh from the garden" impression Maricel wanted. (Fell in love with the lotus pods, too... :)

K by Cunanan also assisted Maricel and Ilie. Macy brought a board for the menu -- no printed menu... it's a shabby chic wedding, after all.

To say that I loved the centerpieces is an understatement. Of course, the guests enjoyed all the more when the coordinators distributed the little bags and twisty ties. That meant they were given free reign to take flowers home. :)

Godparents surely felt the shabby chic vibe with this three-piece gift from the couple. Yes, they thought of a creative gift for godparents, too. (It also meant an extra bag of choc nut for suppliers during preps... :)

For everyone else, Maricel and Ilie had handkerchiefs which Maricel and her sister personally ironed. I don't think any guest left without knowing the theme of their wedding. The escort cards were also handwritten. (Of course, it helped that Maricel had really nice penmanship.)

I think you'll agree with me that LOVE played a major role in this wedding. And I'm not just talking about the love the couple exuded for each other. I'm talking about how much love they had for their guests. The effort they exerted to personally do everything communicated that each one is important as the other -- that each one's presence contributed to making their day extra special. :) 

I miss my long phone conversations with Maricel -- we literally conversed about everything from the gown to the need for handcrafted street signs.

It was a breeze emceeing their special day. We just spent one whole afternoon talking about what was needed and voila... a programme plan was hatched. :) The execution was easy because the guests were cooperative when the coordinators gave instructions, Elmer was there to handle lights and sounds, the photo and video teams of Atty. Fortun and Daniel Lei were great, and the waiters of K by Cunanan were their usual attentive selves. :) 

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