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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thank you, Anj, Sugar, and Tal

I know I've been remiss with posting thank you notes... Trying to rectify now by posting three at the same time. Will do my best to post the past notes as well. Of course, each one is super appreciated. Some get posted in my fb wall and I'm not able to paste them here... For that, my apologies. 

Thank you, Angeline, Sugar, and Crystal, for sending your sweet notes... :) it was fun handling your events... :) 

Most memorable parts: 
- with Angeline, I will never forget how cold it was in balai taal that day... Nonetheless, the ento and the bride and groom performed well -- as though they weren't feeling too cold as well :) 
- Sugar, those were nerve wracking minutes when we had to play the AVP via globe streaming but our prayers prevailed and yes, Alvin was able to pull off his surprise song number for you. :) 
- Crystal, not everyone can do a showtime entrance -- kudos to chino and your guests and of course, kudos to you, Ronald, the entourage, and your daddy for your energetic numbers :) 

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