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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Because a girl can't have too many bags... let's make it an even happier xmas promo!

I've been thinking about this bag for ages -- ever since I started doing weddings and seeing how brides and grooms worry about keeping their monetary gift envelopes all throughout the reception. I've had a dad inadvertently leave a tall glass jar full of envelopes; I've seen a mom carry a cage and another mom, a box of monetary envelopes, and I've seen brides straining to stick all envelopes into a tiny bridal bag. 

Brides can't be seen lugging something big and bulky all throughout the day. They need something small and dainty -- until they get all the envelopes being handed over by guests. So why not have something that can be converted? Small and dainty at the beginning and bigger yet still coordinated with the wedding gown when needed.

Good thing Charie Cuisia of BKS Couture decided to lend me a helping hand. She produced the two bags we will be giving away in this promo. I was ecstatic when she decided to undertake the project despite her busy schedule. 

The question: Aren't we having second thoughts about giving these bags away? (Honestly, we are... we love them so much! But we know we don't need them as much as those who are getting married in the near future. So we are doing our best to selflessly give them away.)

Take them off our hands before the month ends... lest we change our minds... :) Yup, that's the reason why we shortened the promo... We are that excited to see our winners smile upon receiving their purses! :) 

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