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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Finally... A DTS Video! :)

As an emcee, I've had my share of requests for video clips. While I do have some, taken a few years ago, I don't really want to send them because I feel the video clips only showcase part of what I can do. A video clip can't encapsulate everything in a few minutes, neither can all the possibilities happen in just one wedding. After all, wedding receptions are pretty unique occasions. Couples like to spend time thinking about the elements that would be part of their programme plans. That's why when I discuss with my couples and even when they diligently read and answer the workbook I give, I present options. There's a basic flow, a formula that works in terms of sequence, but they are not required to follow it to the letter given the nuances of their family traditions, their parents' requests, and the items they thought of including in the timeline.

I never planned on hiring a professional video team to capture footage of a particular wedding. So definitely, the offer of WeCelebrate came as a blessing, so did the positive response of Dave and Anne as I mentioned that the video team would be coming in to capture footage of the programme. Thank you so much, Dave and Anne.

Knowing how well-mannered and professional the team is, I knew they would find ways to take video clips without affecting the positions of the real photo and video teams of the couple. I also knew I would be in good hands because I've been working with WeCelebrate for some time now, and they haven't disappointed me -- from arriving on time during preps to keeping couples comfortable with the actual shoot, and on to creating memorable SDEs.

While there are couples who prefer traditional elements and entrance segments, Dave and Anne chose to do fun group introductions given the nature of their parents, godparents, and entourage.

Trivia number 1: Did you know that the godmothers requested for a different song? They said they wanted something of their era, so they danced to the tune of "Uptown Funk". How cool is that?

The mother-son dance wasn't your typical waltz either. Mommy and son danced to the tune of a Pitbull song... :)

Trivia number 2: I needed to stall a bit more. And guess what, the stalling became an absolutely fun part courtesy of the godparents. I actually asked for Anne's permission to change the participants because the members of the VIP were really so participative all throughout, so I chose the godparents to take part in Game 3. We had a 3-hour programme but we ended with almost all of the guests who were there at the beginning.

Trivia number 3: I do not force this kind of programme on all couples. Yup, couples have a choice as to what kind of programme they wish to have -- some want things loud, some want everything to be subdued and formal. Whatever the choice, I only have one reminder, "Please match the requests with the general personality of the guests. That way, they will be able to relate to the programme and they will stay and finish it with you".

Here's the video link: Darlene Tan - Salazar via We Celebrate

Thank you once again, WeCelebrate! I am truly grateful! :)
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