Perfect 10 Weddings

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

After four ... We must be thankful for...

1. the brides and grooms who invested their trust in us (... even if we're on start up)

2. the cooperative suppliers who answered all our calls and fulfilled the requirements of our timelines (... even if it meant waking up at 2AM and being up and about at 4AM)

3. the entourage members who came on time and did as told (... no matter how hot and humid the day was)

4. the churches' manongs and manangs who agreed to our requests and gave us time for pictorials and recessional gimmicks  (... even if they have strict one-hour-for-everything policies)

5. the guests who answered all our calls and texts for RSVP (... especially those who answered on the first call)

6. amazing photographers, videographers, florists, and stylists, uber helpful venue OICs, projector providers, and caterers -- including their AEs and waiters, talented hair and make-up artists, musicians, lights and sounds providers, and friends who rendered song numbers (... without all contributions the whole reception would not come alive)

7. the knowledge we gained of various cultures and traditions (... especially our two consecutive Sundays laden with Scottish and Chinese traditions) 

8. our dear couple who entrusted us not only with coordination but with the emceeing of their event (... including their program line-up) 

9. understanding brides who give way to weddings of other P10W couples (... especially those who sent us emails to wish us well the day before the first wedding we worked on)

10. the presence of God for it is He who continuously makes things possible (... especially the time he put the rains on "pause" so we could do our fireworks recessional) 

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