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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Proverbial First

Our first wedding after the inception of Perfect 10 Weddings was that of Janice and Randy last May 20, 2010. We went from EDSA Shangri-la to Mt. Carmel and capped the day with a reception at Oasis. 
Following our Ten tradition, I'd like to share with you the Top 10 Things we  (the whole Perfect 10 Team) loved about their walk down the aisle. 
1. Janice and Randy mesmerized us with their first dance. Yes, the bubbles and the fog helped, but what got us staring open-mouthed was the love they exuded as a couple. We could not help but gaze at them and wish that all ladies out there would have that kind of "love dance" on their wedding days. 
From Blogger Pictures

See how fast we were able to re-fasted the veil... :)
2. We loved... loved... loved... Janice's gown. She referred to the design as “full of clouds” and it was truly a sight to behold! Because it's so nice and because Janice sent us a copy of the gown ahead of time, we requested the photographer to include it in all the group shots. I think people got the cue since they sat on the platform to give the photographer more opportunities to take full shots of the gown. 
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Right before entering the portal... such a lovely gown... :)
3. We liked the pre-nup pictures and how these seemed to have been taken in some foreign land... in some era long gone... so you can imagine how the guests lapped them up. It's great though that even if everyone wanted to see the pics, we were still able to ensure a filled out guest book... :) Untiring routing does the trick… ;)
4. We were thankful that the guests gamely followed instructions -- during the pictorials in the church where we tried to ensure quick movement and during the pictorials in the reception venue prior to the buffet. Guests quickly posed in front of the camera -- we finished in no time at all. :)
5. We found it really great that the flowers were as red as Janice wanted, and her bouquet was designed the way she asked -- without breaking the bank. Actually, getting flowers gave us quite a scare as we were three or four days into the week of the wedding,with no flower supplier. But we were amazed at the beauty of the flowers come wedding day… even the photographers liked how vivid and nicely arranged they were.The little flower girls loved their pails with bears, too. One even removed the bear and ran to the pictorial area clutching the bear – sans the pail... haha! :)
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Thanks, Tita Vicky... :)
6. We loved how Janice was so positive, so focused on marrying the man she has been committed to the past 13 years. Thus, nothing could faze her and take away her cheery feeling – not even when Shang didn’t have an early check in room at exactly 10AM or when her veil got unfastened seconds before her walk. (We quickly pinned it back. :)
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Right before Janice and Randy left Oasis... :)
7. We loved how responsive Oasis was (through Ana). When we had a problem with the bridal car, they sent a new one right away – no payment for extension and profuse apologies from the driver. I guess that proves that Oasis takes care of its clients.  
8. We loved how the guests really made sure the photobooth would be well utilized. They took pictures, wore costumes, and lined up for more shots. I guess it helped that we announced... “20 minutes more”. Everyone stood up and lined up – yup, even the shy ones. :)
9. We loved how the photographer responded to our time-related reminders. Even if there were lots of shots they wanted to take, when we’d remind, they’d respond and we’d still be on time. The bride got to the church with time to spare, and the couple arrived at Oasis with enough time for retouch, extra pictorials, and the on-time start of the program.  
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Aren't they cute? Two actually veered away from the center aisle -- distracted by the blinding flashes of cameras aimed at them... :)
10. We loved how the kids really enjoyed our little gifts for them. Cute ring bearer even brought his crayons and coloring sheet from the front pew to the mid-church pew… :) It was also a great thing that Josiah's did not complain about us ordering Jollibee for the kids -- the food of Josiah's might be great, but for little ones, it's chicken joy or bust! :)
Here's little Mister Ring Bearer... :)
Theirs was not just a momentous occasion, but one filled with so much joy. We can have ten million details and execute them perfectly, but without priceless smiles from the couple to the smallest guest, it still would not be perfect. Smiles were definitely not lacking last May 20 -- the heat notwithstanding. The priest was correct in saying that the extreme heat that day only mirrored the warmth Janice and Randy felt for each other. 


  1. congrats sis on your first wedding! more to come!

  2. Thanks so much, Lib'z... :) I bookmarked your blog before... and I gravitate to it when I want to be inspired... So cute the pics you placed... :)

  3. Congrats P10W!
    This post made me more excited for my own wedding! Haha!

  4. Thanks, Len... :) Exciting talaga... out of town pa naman... :)

  5. Congrats Darl, Emman,Prim and to the rest of the team!