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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Note about AVPs

With the advent of easy to use software and well meaning friends and family, we have an influx of AVPs that need to be shown during the reception programme.

Do note:
A) Your major AVPs are the Onsite photo sideshow and same day edit video. Let's highlight them in the program.

A.1) Please tell your parents they are important so they should refrain from talking to you and making relatives pose with you while these are being shown

A.2) Avoid having several AVPs shown prior to these 2. I'm not talking about loops here, I'm referring to AVPs that are really given solo space within the program. If you've had 3 prior to the SDE, people might think your SDE is just like the ones that were shown earlier.

A.3) Avoid making the program too lengthy with so many giving speeches. If the program drags because of speakers giving lengthy messages, people will leave; consequently, only a small fraction of those who ate will be around to watch the final AVPs.

B) Give program space to AVPs with meat -- a story to tell, an actual video that has been edited, and the like. Sideshows of pictures can be used as loops during cocktail time and during dinner. They give people something to watch while waiting. :)

B.1) AVPs within the program should not go beyond the length of a regular song, ie. around 4 to 5 mins max. 

B.2) Since you want people to watch it closely, make it count. Add game questions, add a story line, add messages, etc. That way, they have a reason to watch. :)

C) Burn all AVPs in DVD format since most projector providers send in DVD players not laptops.

C.1) f it's free, ask if you need to pay extra for the technician :)

C.2) If you insist on connecting your Mac, bring your own connector :)

D) Know the screen size and the ANSI lumens of the projector.

D.1) Check if they have the right specs given your layout and number of guests. You can ask your photo and video suppliers for their requested specs, too. 

D.2) If you have two or three screens, make sure you have splitters for both DVD players and laptops. 

Let's lessen the stress on the day by preparing for the program prior to the big day :) 

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