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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Think Useful, Think Details Part 2

Details shouldn't just be pretty in pictures. They should be useful, too. That way, guests will take a second look and all the effort would not be for naught. 

Silas and Joanne
June 30, 2013, Enderun

Joanne truly deserves the DIY Queen tag -- what with all the details she painstakingly produced prior to the wedding. Check out the escort cards below. She prepared each one!!! Can you imagine how much cutting and gluing she had to do just to come up with all the escort cards on this registration table? (I'm so sorry I didn't get to take a picture of this when I arrived -- they were set up alphabetically then.) 

These pictures weren't just for show. Guests were encouraged to leave notes on the pictures using the markers and pens on the table. Those who didn't want to write on the sides of the pictures -- perhaps due to the length of the messages they would like to leave -- had the option write on the actual guest book. This kept guests entertained as they waited for the bride and groom to finish their post-ceremony tasks. 

This set of signs truly lets people know of all the things they can do within the cocktail hour. It was as though boredom would actually be the fault of the guest already since there were so many things one can do while waiting -- have pictures taken at the photobooth, eat candy till their teeth hurt, write on the message cards/guest book, and take photos of themselves outside (and post on instagram). 

This was their candy buffet. Tip: Ask the photo/video team to send in one rep to take a picture/footage of the buffet before you open it for guest consumption. You may not be able to eat any of the candy, but at least you have a memento of how it looked. :) 

The theme was starry, starry night. Thus, there were silver stars on the tables of the guests. The cake also had stars all over. :)

The couple's area was a sight to behold!!! Just look at all the details that went into preparing it. Guests actually had fun taking pictures of the area right before the couple's grand entrance. 

Because Vatel Manila bouquets are gifts themselves, check out the entourage bouquet below. I dare you to name all the flowers in this bouquet. Haha!

This was the bridal bouquet -- after all the pictorials of preps, ceremony, and post ceremony. Still very dainty and lovely... :) 

Notable programme details were: 
a) the grand entrance song number which they choreographed as well, so they really owned the whole atrium as they sang and danced to the guests' delight!

b) the entourage who gave their entrance segments their best shot -- each small group had a different choreographed mini-dance prior to posing before the cameras! 

c) the damsel in distress game that had our "The Prayer" singer going for the kissing challenge -- talk about opposing programme roles!  

Thank you, Silas and Joanne, for all the goodies!!! :) 

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