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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Of Weddings Shoots & Pets Part 1

Aww! So cute! 

Prenups and wedding photos always inspire more pleasant reactions when the bride and groom are accompanied by their pets. 

But how do you include your pets, dogs in particular, in your shoot?  Let’s ask a team that has had a lot of shoots with dogs, shall we? 

Here are some tips from Team Benitez Photo: 

  • Get a venue that not only allows dogs but is also conducive to having dogs — it should be well ventilated, and there should be places for dogs to rest in between takes.
  • Have the set with dogs when they are in a good mood — perhaps, the first set so they are still energetic. (These are the dogs of Dog Coach Francis and Irene, so yes, they are well-trained.) 
  • Have treats, water, and toys to make the shoot easier & more comfortable for the dogs. 

  • It’s also a good idea to have basic commands like sit and lay down in place. That way, you as furparents won’t be too stressed during the shoot because your dog is not cooperating. (Cay of TBP doesn’t like to super structure the shoots because he would rather capture how the dogs are with their furparents but he has seen how fur parents have gotten stressed over how their dogs are running around and are being disobedient, so have at least a little training with these 2 commands weeks ahead of the prenup or wedding, so it’s easier for you and your dogs to enjoy the shoot.) 

  • Best to have suppliers who are ok with dogs. One of these 2 dogs actually decided to lay down so Cay saw the opportunity for a flat lay. They did have to coax the other dog to follow suit — not too difficult because these two pooches love their bosses. (I saw how TBP greeted the dogs of Aciel & Tof and played with them so even before the shoot, the dogs got to know them already. Also, dogs can sense if the persons around them like them or are scared of them. So if your suppliers like dogs, then it would also help to make the atmosphere good enough for dogs to be calm as well.) 

{Cay, their team lead, has a pug named Chulo. He actually chose to get a pug because of the movie, Men in Black. All photos here with the exception of the collage below are from Team Benitez Photo:

{Should you wish to have your dogs trained like Serena below, you may reach Dog Coach Francis via

Check out this link from an episode we did with Dog Coach Francis and his wife, Irene. We were their wedding suppliers: Abby of Kiss the Girl Events, Jake Olaso (Video), Team Benitez Photo, and Darlene Tan - Salazar (Emcee).

Watch out for part 2 of this 3-part series :) 

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